Lara Bohinc

I had a mini-fashion week crush on the Lara Bohinc scarf collection, so I wanted to share it with you.

In addition to her gorgeous bags, shoes and jewellery, the glamourous designer just launched her first scarf collection, and by the rainy London day I visited her simple but luxurious presentation, it all looked so simple, perfect and warm to me, I could have bought the one collection immediately. I find the animal prints to die-for, and the fabrics are soft yet warm cashmere mixes.

Centered around four collections: the Lunar Eclipse, the Laratella, the Tiger and the Leopard, the scarves are “purely about graphic expression and the fluidity of material” according to their designer. Some of them were tied around the body like pashminas or summer pareos, and cinched with alligator belts, hence the gorgeous contrast above.

Available at Harvey Nichols London and the Lara Bohinc Store (all £260).

Photography by Alize Morand. Please credit.

11 Responses to “Lara Bohinc”

  1. Darling tout ces billets que tu avais posté que je n’avais pas vu ! Tes photos sont toujours aussi surprenantes love it. Hâte de te voir très bientôt. Kisses. @ +

    • Surprenantes in a good way j’espère! Et oui j’ai bien posté durant cette fashion week, que de beaux shows à relater.. à très vite PJ!

  2. Gorgeous, love the close up image hun

  3. oh
    thanx for share
    very beautiful

  4. Those prints are absolutely gorgeous!

    • Aren’t they? Prints are winning me over this season. Especially pastel florals and earth tones like these.

  5. Stunning prints, I am such a fan of Lara’s, especially the collaboration she did with Tanqueray.

    • I had no idea about that collaboration, but of course I should expect you to know all about it! x

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