Paris, Chanel, Givenchy & Birthday

Left: Givenchy ad campaign. Right: Chanel ad campaign. Both are a few years old but I am not sure what season, sorry!

This is a celebration post. To celebrate fashion, and houses which remain true to their values and their artistic standpoint, which have timeless aesthetics and true creative genius.

For me Givenchy  and Chanel embody this ideal, and they were by far my favourite collections for Spring/ Summer 2010 at Paris Fashion Week. You know that when you watch imagery – here advertising campaigns – from a few years ago, and you sense the evolution but also the consistency: the spirit remains the same. They have the classic elegance that makes a style unique and instantly recognisable.

Also a celebration because today is the first anniversary of Blog de Tendances, which I am very proud of. Thank you for reading, commenting, being there. Really. It means a lot to me.

And finally, in the spirit of Paris and birthdays, I am today going to Paris for my best friend’s birthday: this is fate! Happy day, and I wish you all a great weekend!

7 Responses to “Paris, Chanel, Givenchy & Birthday”

  1. Happy birthday to a beautiful blog, and a beautiful lady xxx

  2. One year and still so interesting not to say better and better ! Congrats and happy birthday

  3. Happy b day to Alizemorand blog. Kisses. @ +++

  4. Totally awesome! Since you came to London, you’ve grown so much. x

  5. Happy blog-birthday! Thanks for posting these two lovely ads. I agree with you concerning Givenchy and Chanel, though I’d probably also add Balenciaga and Dior to that list, just because all these French brands have been through and witnessed so much in history and still stand stronger than ever without ever having to compromise. Hope you had a wonderful weekend in Paris!

  6. i

    well, that’s a tentative of birthday cake…


  7. Thanks so much everyone 🙂 and most of all, thanks for reading!

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