Personal Style

I find it fascinating how an individual can express his/her identity through clothing style. 

For myself I like to think that with understated classic clothing, if people want to know more about me, they will make the effort to try. I like that people think I am a superficial girly girl and have the great surprise to discover that there is more than that. And if they judge the book by its cover, then I am not missing much, am I?

One’s personal style is often a very broad topic for any fashion lover. Obviously, there are a lucky few who have found their own specific style very early on and will not go out of their path. There are also the trendy ones, who are so versatile they switch trends every season, providing their body and self-confidence allow them to do so.

I don’t think I belong to any of these categories. I don’t particularly follow trends, but I think I am still quite open-minded to new styles. However I feel like I am starting to have my own style: I see myself attracted to the same shapes/colours/designers all the time. 

First, my style trademark is that I never wear anything else than dresses or skirts. I have been famously labelled as the girl who never ever wear jeans. Or shorts, or anything that looks like pants. My friends even share old pictures of me in black trousers on the internet, as a rare antique. I have always preferred dresses since I was a child, but the obsession actually started in high school, when I made a bet with my art teacher that I would only wear skirts for a whole year. Needless to say I won the bet. And then I organised a school fashion show with only crazy mini-skirts, some made of magazines, math assignments, or hand-sewn. The models were wearing only black all over the rest of the body, with even black tights covering their faces, so that the skirts stood out. And my final year art project for A-levels was based around the mini-skirt.

Then I have got my colour palette, which ranges from navy/midnight blue, to grey, white and black. With some splashes of raspberry and pale pink. And brown leather accessories. 

Patterns are rare, but the only ones allowed are liberty, flower prints, much loved stripes and retro dots. 

I like to mix textures, especially soft and tougher, such as a silk dress with a leather jacket. 

I favour feminine smart minimalism…adore tailored jackets that give structure to the whole outfit. Over-layering is not for me. I prefer simple but beautiful items, such as a beautiful grey silk dress, a well-cut navy jacket, and that’s it. It is my daily uniform. 

I do like accessories – especially semi-precious stone rings and earrings – but with moderation. As for the shoes, I adore heels, all of them, but wear flats most of the time. I do have a passion for bags, clutches, purses, but most of mine are practical brown leather.

So you could say I have almost found my personal style. 

However it has not always been like that, and at 21, I know it is going to evolve a lot still. So let’s try to understand how my style became what it is today, and what are the main references…

To be continued next post.

Picture from November Vogue Paris ’30 ans’. Anna wears Balmain skirt and belt, Acne Tee-shirt & Chloé boots. Much coveted style: mix of basic, sexy and rock in classic dark tones.

2 Responses to “Personal Style”

  1. Hi Alize!
    seems you are still enjoying yourself:) & both you & the blog look amazing.
    Keep being FAB & bubbly.
    My best,
    Kathrine Sylvester

  2. Hello there, I couldn’t find any way to email you, and so I really hope that you read this comment. I have a website about leather purses, and wondered if you might like to exchange links with me. I have entered my contact address in case you choose to get in contact. Thank you.

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