Personal Influences


What I find even more fascinating that one’s style is why, how one is dressing a certain way. What influences and references do people have in mind when they are drown to a piece or when they get dressed in the morning.

I am French so this is obviously a major part of my identity that is reflected in the way I dress and that is particularly visible here in London I would guess. Although the way I dress is quite different to most of my French friends.

So surely the Chanel women is not only a wardrobe staple but a whole look I covet. We are talking modern Karl Lagerfeld Chanel here: romantic ruffles, short skirts, classic jackets, flats, white, black and grey. Think Spring/Summer Chanel Couture. The ‘Shell Collection‘. Also some romantic Chloé ruffles and broderie anglaise.

However what triggered fashion-consciousness to young me was not the French elegance I had been fed with from an early age in the pages of even non-glossies. It was actually British style. Swinging London. Punk, mods and rock’n’roll. Vivienne Westwood and the Sex PistolsAlexander McQueen‘s irreverance.

So after a few experiments with bright pink fishnets and black platforms, my research about mini-skirts brought me to the Sixties era and style icons Twiggy and Mary Quant

Therefore my style is above all a mix of British elements: Twiggy‘s mini-skirts and dresses; British heritage through Savile Row‘s tailoring; navy blue minis, jackets and flats, as the traditional school uniform I never had; military jackets inspired by tradition and the Libertines; more British indie rock with black, leather and cardigans and a love for fancy dress tamed by my French elegance principles. 

I guess that is why I always wanted to come and live in London! Why Twiggy and Alexa Cheung are in my style icons list. Why one of my favourite French designer, Charles Anastase, holds his shows at London Fashion Week.

I do admire many other cultural styles though: a little of structured minimalism in natural fabrics from Japan, a few beautiful leather accessories from Milan, some Scandinavian cool with thick tights and high-waisted minis, and a hint of preppy but eclectic Upper East Side Gossip Girl! 

As with many things in life, fashion is about the mix. Avoiding head to toe and picking the best of everything to build one’s own style.

Photo from November 2002 British Vogue, ‘My Precious’ by Terry Richardson. On ilove80. Eugenia Volodina wears Chloé top and mini-skirt and Valentino heels. 

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