Elie Saab in Paris: a display of couture elegance

The finale at the Elie Saab A/W 2010-2011 show at Paris Fashion Week. Photography: Alize Morand.

There was something about the Elie Saab show. Something I felt, that was different. It was not the excitement and the frenzy of the fashion weeks. It was more the serene emotion of couture. The calm confidence of knowing that everything fits together and that the end result is simply the purest form of elegance.

I watched the models strutting on the runway, slender and determined, first all in black crepe and chiffon, then in pale drapes of taupe, gray and burgundy, and finally in a climax of sequined evening gowns.

All was beautiful, in gorgeous fabrics and delicate shades, but it was more a feeling than an objective appreciation of the fashion, or the trends. Trends which weren’t really because Elie Saab does not dress women like Celine or even Alaïa do, he dresses the red-carpet, and some Very Important – and Lucky – Girls. Not that everyone wears Celine, but women this month will strive to achieve the chic sobriety that the house has made trend – and will find an adapted-for-the-street Zara version.

This is what trends are all about. And this was not what Elie Saab was all about. Because the spirit of the show was: Haute.

4 Responses to “Elie Saab in Paris: a display of couture elegance”

  1. How exciting. You must have had a blast. Jealous.


  2. Hi Alize, I really love your writing, it’s so beautiful! I really agree with your point that Elie Saab is really the essence of haute fashion, and I feel that fashion houses should embrace their own essence of style too, and not simply aim to capture the new trend. =] Thanks for the pleasureable read!

  3. Jisu: I did, thanks! 🙂 xx

  4. Elie Saab…de la Haute Couture au sens noble du terme…

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