Summer Spirit

Doesn’t this ad campaign for Roberto Cavalli Spring/ Summer 2010 make you dream of hot summer days? I love its retro spirit, the flowing chiffon of the dresses, on the skin, the soft washed up prints and the luxe decor.

It really does make me dream of exotic vacations, when I see the snow falling by the window, here in London, and think of more snow awaiting me in New York in the next week. But eh, it’s fashion week, so no matter how many inches of snow I have to face, I will still probably have more inches of heels!

Roberto Cavalli Spring/ Summer 2010. Carolyn Murphy and Isabeli Fontana shot by Steven Meisel.

6 Responses to “Summer Spirit”

  1. NY???????!!!! I’m so excited for you hun! I want more news!!!!!
    Over excited me.

  2. G: Yes, I know! you will have a full report I promise but if you follow my Facebook and Twitter you will have live coverage of the whole fashion week! 🙂 Über-excited me. xx

  3. Tout d’abord, couvrir (avec ou sans neige sous les talons, rires, tu feras quand même attention à toi) la fashio week de New-York c’est vraiment quelque chose d’exceptionnel, je te souhaite d’en profiterau maximum.

    Quant au sujet du jour, cette campagne me rappelle la période très bling bling de Versace qui devait être d’ailleurs à l’époque, shootée par Meisel. @ +++

  4. I love how they look so summer as you said


  5. Thank you PJ, I will be careful, I promise! I agree with you to some extent, but although this campaign does have the hot-tanned-Italian-family spirit, I find it just extremely sensual, ethereal & covetable, without a hint of tackiness! xx

  6. Please, speak to me in french 🙂 kisses. @ +++

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