Confusion of senses at Louis Vuitton

I had seen a few exhibitions at the Espace Louis Vuitton before, this art space at the top of the Champs Elysées flagship store in Paris. However, as much as I had appreciated this calm contemporary space made of priceless pieces of art in the midst of an over-busy temple of consumption, I had never engaged with the exhibition itself as much as I did last time I went.

Always around the theme of travel, to convey the spirit and heritage of the luggage house, the exhibitions have explored concepts of otherness so far: other countries, cultures, visions of the world. But for the 10th exhibition, the focus is different: instead of looking at others, the exhibition brings the visitor into an introspective journey to look at one’s inner self.

Starting with the elevator itself, created by Olafur Eliasson, that deconnects from the outside world and connects you with your senses, or rather confuses your senses. This is just one part of a journey that will make you live and accept your past, blur your senses and dazzle your eyes, immerse you in spaces of light, fog and sky, feel words under your fingers and through them, write up your emotions on the walls via your body energy.

The only piece that did not evoke a sensorial experience was for me the too concrete paintings of Laurent Grasso, which do picture a universe, but did not connect with mine. Luckily this was at the end of the interactive experience, that had me through a rather intriguing and revealing journey.

The lack of visitors unlike in a traditional Parisian gallery made for an even more interesting experience and personal visit, with discreet help from the friendly staff. Just like I would like to be treated in a true luxury place, be it art of fashion. Now if only the store was anything like that!

Until January 10, 2009. Free entry. Picture from Céleste Boursier Mougenot’s installation ‘Etude Sonore Domestique’. More information here.

6 Responses to “Confusion of senses at Louis Vuitton”

  1. I actually wonder if I should or should not go.

    To what this picture is related to? For once there is no credit for it.

    Unusually and striking on your blog!

  2. Christophe: You’re right, although I quite liked the idea of mystery. But I cannot say anything more! I’ve added the credit. You should definitely go!

  3. WOW! Alize! does it have a figure in it? I only saw it when I tipped my computer down a bit…this is really cool! I want to go! PARIS ❤ xoxx

  4. StephJed: It does indeed, it is a visual effect. You should go to Paris, and not just for that hehe 😉 xoxo

  5. Brouillard londonien ? Kisses. @ +++

  6. Pierre-Jean: Oui sauf que c’était sur les Champs Elysées 😉 x

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