Couture de Haute Voltige

A silhouette from Dior Couture Spring-Summer 2012. Credit: Christian Dior.

The House of Dior has had ups and downs since its creation by genius Christian Dior in 1946, going through the expert hands of Yves Saint Laurent, and recently shaken by the Galliano scandal. Now who to succeed the tormented talent of John? Many speculations have been made, rumours spread and finally, after two full fashion seasons, no announcement yet made.

Meanwhile, prêt-à-porter, accessories and couture have kept appearing on the catwalk and in stores, pretty as ever, with at the head of the Atelier: Bill Gaytten, Mr Galliano’s right hand for his entire career, keeping the business going and the minds dreaming. And he has done a rather good job at it.

Just look at the latest collection. Couture in all its splendour – check. Codes of la Maison respected and honoured – check. Glamour to the max, Petites mains working hard on those fabrics and sequins, red-carpet material – check, check, check.

Sometimes, what you are looking for is in front of your eyes and too obvious to see. He might be backstage, but one cannot miss Bill Gaytten’s undeniable talent. No need to look further for a new candidate – he is already at the post.

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