Sport Style

By Alize Morand

24 May, 2011

Category: Fashion


Every Spring-Summer, every Vogues and Elles come back with with “Sporty Chic” themed photoshoots. I usually despise these, for being neither chic or realistically sports outfits. Similarly, last year the V&A came up with a terribly disappointing exhibition about fashion & sport, which left me more puzzled than ever – I could not bear to write about it in any way.

As I was watching tennis champions play at Roland-Garros in Paris this weekend, something became clearer to me.

Fashion likes sport. Many fashionable pieces have been traditionally inspired by sports: horse-riding outfits, military jackets while riding, riding boots, sports shorts, tank tops, lighter materials like jersey, bright colours, etc. Fashion crowds also favour social sport events such as polos, races and luxury brands nowadays sponsors every possible sports tournaments.

On the other hand, it is difficult to look stylish while playing sports, every fashionista will know that – hence the new hybrid designer brands such as Stella McCartney for Adidas. But eventually, it is in the individual’s DNA. Look at French tennis player Mathilde Johansson: a black bodycon miniskirt, a simple classic “Breton” marinière and an effortless bun. French chic at its best. Nothing else to add.

Mathilde Johansson at Roland-Garros 2011. Photography by Alizé Morand. Please credit.

2 Responses to “Sport Style”

  1. Love this incredible picture, made again with your camera ? Gorgeous and kisses.

  2. Trop chic! J’aime bien aussi tout le flash des soeurs William aussi, mais au fond le tennis c’est un jeu classique et traditionnel. Et il n’y a rein plus traditionnel qu’une marienere.


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