Mads Dinesen

Mads Dinesen is one of the talented designers who were selected for the 2011 Hyères International Fashion & Photography Festival this year. 

The Danish designer worked on a collection inspired by the colonial memory of his home country and national identity, history and traditions. He revealed to me backstage: “I was pretty shocked about how little I knew and how little I was told in school, and how romanticised it had been told. I realised clothing is how you express yourself and I wanted to create a new tribe. In the world today, it’s important to remember we are all the same people, we all have the same emotions, and especially in the young generation there is a lot of ignorance, and people don’t want to take the time to understand. I am very engaged with my work.”

Although he did not win, I wanted to highlight his work – particularly his incredible craftsmanship with Swarovski crystals on headpieces and accessories, all of which sadly did not make it into the final show, but were to me the strength of Mads’ collection.

He explained his inspiration for the pieces: “I didn’t want to work with really young models, I want people with personality, so I thought the masks would be a great way to bring that, but in fact it was a little too much with the clothes so I decided to keep the masks separate. One mask takes around 2 weeks to make, and includes around 2,000 hand-sewn crystals so the team were quite disappointed we didn’t use them for the show!”

Photography by Alizé Morand. Please credit. 

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