Céline Méteil – Plié Backstage

Céline Méteil is the second real winner of the Hyères Festival of Fashion & Photography this year. She won both the Premiere Vision Prize, including 10,000€, and the Public Prize, which shows she won the hearts of both sponsors and show guests. Personally, she won me over from the second I saw the clothes – it is always nice to see your favourite win, and very deserved indeed.

In a short interview backstage, Céline told me about her background working first with Alexander McQueen at Givenchy, then Felipe Oliveira Baptista before moving on to be the “Second (senior seamstress) of Atelier” at none less than Galliano and Balenciaga.

For her collection, the French designer focused on the underrated fabric jaconas, usually used for fittings only, and made the most of its muslim-like transparency to construct origami sculpted white dresses. She explained her inspiration to me: “The collection is an encounter with a fabric. I always loved fittings, I found it magic, it is when you discover sketches, the construction of the dress, it is a beautiful moment. Jaconas is what you use for test-clothes: it is pure garment and construction.”

“I come from behind-the-scenes, the workshop. I am one of those people you never see.” Just like her signature fabric, Céline Méteil moved from backstage to the catwalk, from behind-the-scenes to the spotlight, and it is a place that suits her well and where we really hope to see more of her in the future.

Photography by Alizé Morand. Please credit. 

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