Precious Stonewall by Jean-Michel Othoniel

I was visiting the never-disappointing Contemporary Arts Museum Centre Pompidou in Paris this weekend – mainly for the unmissable exhibition about De Stijl and Mondrian – when I bumped into this.

The image above is of a 5 metre-high, 3 metre-wide sculpture made of glass bricks blown and cut in India, assembled together and decorated with glass beads necklaces, like one would a Christmas tree – sorry for the comparison, it sprung to my mind immediately.

The French artist, Jean-Michel Othoniel, also designed the famous metro entrance for Palais-Royal-Musée-du-Louvre – see here – again with what seems to be his favourite material to work with: glass.

I love finding hidden gems in the city – this one really is not hidden much – but I am sure thousands of people pass in front of it everyday, only obsessed with Mondrian’s squares without giving it a second glance, just like people mindlessly pass by the metro station at peak time.

Photography: Alize Morand. Please credit. Artwork courtesy of Galerie Perrotin, Paris.

2 Responses to “Precious Stonewall by Jean-Michel Othoniel”

  1. Holy shhh…that looks incredible!

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