Temperley AW11

Alice Temperley celebrated the 10th year anniversary of her eponymous brand with a spectacular show at the British Museum this week.

“The Unfolding Picture” saw an army of models walk in circles before taking place on the cult steps of the cultural institution, in a very Chanel-Haute-Couture-in-Rue-Cambon fashion. The setting was cinematographic, but the clothes also.

An inspiration taken from Venetian fans translated into intricate long gowns of sheer tulle, satin and luxurious silk twills, delicately hand-embroidered with lace, beads and embellishments. Very consistent, the opulent shades used added to the unapologetic eveningwear glamour: cream, gold, champagne, black, chocolate, cinnamon mainly.

The first thoughts that came through my mind during the show were: red-carpet, films and lavish retro cocktail party. I guess this is where we will see these beauties best worn.

To see more visuals, click here.

Photography by Alize Morand. Please credit.

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