Colour to start 2011

Marc Jacobs SS11 Advertising Campaign. Photographed by Juergen Teller. Styled by Venetia Scott. Models: Masha Kirsanova and Caroline Brasch Nielsen.

What better than a splash of bright candy colours for a 70s flashback to kick-start the new year? Who else than Marc Jacobs to do this in style indeed?

Every January, when every fashionista opens the pages of the February glossies and admires the new SS11 ad campaigns, don’t we all just want to be in summer again very soon, wear fabulous large straw capelines in Miami and glance nonchalantly at the turquoise sea? Well this is all I wish you for 2011, and even if we all dress in black until May, let’s all see life through pink tinted (sun-) glasses!

And for more fashion envy, I would like to share the great work of a great man, who this year brought a welcome revolution to the event of the fashion show and the future of press relations: Monsieur Ford please! Watch here for more fun, feminity and fabulousness.


2 Responses to “Colour to start 2011”

  1. I personally love this, I was literally talking about it with someone on Twitter today.

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