Very Constance

Looking at the images above, I feel obliged to highlight several points:

-Constance Jablonski is not the it-model of the moment. Well, in fact she is, but not only. She is just unbearably and naturally sublime and I think that’s just unfair actually. She is also Carine Roitfeld’s new protégée, she looks very very cool off-duty, and she is also apparently very clever. She also happens to be the face of the Hermès, Calvin Klein, Cesare Paciotti and Alberta Ferreti campaigns. And probably also many more. She also has a very cute French accent when she speaks English, and she seems annoyingly down-to-earth too, despite the fact that her legs come up to my shoulders. I should know, I have actually queued for ice-cream next to her this summer.

-Camel, black and minimalism are back. Ok, ok, you already knew that. But hey, I’m talking about make-up! Autumn is back, you tan is slowly fading (sad but true) and a little cover-up helps. So Carine came up with this wonderful Beauty shoot, on a boat in Paris, featuring… ta-da-dam… CONSTANCE! And Tom Pecheux from Estée Lauder to show us how to do 2010 picture perfect. So nude complexion, brown on the eyes, natural lips, and taupe on the nails. Carine explains in the Vogue video that came with the magazine: “For me, nail polish has become the new essential accessory, and replaced the it-bag”. And ultimate make-up tip from expert Mr. Pecheux: “One cannot do make-up without black. We never present a diamond on a white cushion, always on a black cushion, because it puts the emphasis on the beauty of the stone. Well it is the same for the eyes.”

-This is apparently the way Parisians look, or at least do their make-up (left side picture). Funny, I thought Parisians didn’t wear make-up.. As a French, I now have to reveal to you the ultimate secret… “The more it looks natural, the more it requires effort.” They do, but it’s so subtle you actually think they don’t. Which is a little pointless. But at least, it’s always chic!

PS: If you try at home and you don’t look like Constance, it’s normal. I still wish I could master the same make-up as on the picture, but I’m afraid I can’t afford to hire Tom Pecheux for the day, although I would need him every morning durning fashion week!

Image credits: Vogue Paris September. Pictures: Inez Van Lansweerde and Vinoodh Matadin. Beauty: Tom Pecheux with Estée Lauder.

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