Styling Session

Recently, I have been invited with my friend Matthew to contribute to a very special project. As fashion stylists.

To sum up, Motorola invited us to style the PR campaign to launch their new Flipout, a smartphone with the Motoblur technology, which links all social networks, and is very fashion-blogger friendly with specific apps to tweet from fashion shows for instance. We selected the models in a competition on the website, and they were treated to a luxury stay in London with a shopping allowance.

The theme was Hip To Be Square, and after many moodboards and SS10 inspiration, Matthew and I shopped Geek-Chic colourblock to fit with the spirit. I forced myself to be more creative with colours, as the phones come in several bright and stylish shades. We mixed high-street, vintage, designers, and young emerging talents we wanted to promote for the final shoot.

I have been on photoshoots before but not as the main stylist, and this experience was absolutely amazing: Matthew and I ran, sweated, laughed, disagreed, agreed, discussed, adored, admired. I honestly cannot wait to see the end result and to share it here, but in the meantime, here is a tiny sneak peak that I took in my backstage report.

When Amy (above) first arrived in the studio, she was shy and quiet and nobody paid so much attention to her in the rush of everything. But once she walked under the spotlight with her make-up and hair done, and all dressed up, she looked like a movie star and she shone under the limelight. Something tells me we will see more of her very soon.

I would like to thank the wonderful Motorola team, the JCPR team- particularly the fabulous Nik & Milly, our gorgeous models Sabina, Nick, Amy, Frankie and Tobias (who flew from Germany for the occasion!), our talented make-up artist, hair stylist John Birchall, and photographer Adam Lawrence. And of course, Matthew!

Picture: Amy Gillam. Photography: Alize Morand.

5 Responses to “Styling Session”

  1. What a project. Kisses. @ +++

  2. My darling French LV lady,

    What an accomplishment! From the looks of it, it sounded amazing – I’d love to see the actual shots! (; You and your fabulous self. It’s amazing to see how far you’ve gone and how far you’ll continue to go. Kisses!

    I’ve just recently launched my new website and blog, A Bit Coquettish. Do visit – I’ve [finally!] dropped my guise of anonymity of two years over at La Couturier. Take a peek? (;

    bises & keep in touch!


  3. I’ve seen the backstage video on FB, and I am so happy for you! The looks are just amazing, can’t wait to see it all over the streets!!!

    Love you bunny baby

  4. Great job.

    Amy looks gorgeous.

  5. […] was sponsoring the event, and as you know, I have already collaborated with their fab team on a campaign – see here and here. I had the chance to work with them again as a stylist on this event, styling models and […]

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