Hyères 2010: Yiqing Yin

By Alize Morand

9 May, 2010

Category: Fashion


Yiqing Yin is a French designer, who was part of the fantastic selection at Hyères 2010. Her work is focused on the dichotomy between defined and loose parts, with intrinsic pleating, draping and ruching.

A politic refugee from China, Yiqing experienced a loss of her emotional and geographical bearings and wanted to create a protective body envelope, that she designed fluid, feminine and blurred. Hence the name for this first and personal collection: “Exile“.

A graduate from the Paris Arts Décoratifs, the London College of Fashion and the Chambre Syndicale, her mastering of the technique and couture skills allow her to experiment with cuts and shapes. She designs instinctively her romantic and ethereal dresses, flowing on the catwalk and light as feather in the showroom.

When I asked the beautiful and exquisitely dressed Yiqing which piece was her favourite, she pointed without hesitation towards an incredible Lanvin-looking vibrant blue dress, made of only one piece of fabric and sculpted directly on the body, in a search for balance between defined and loose parts and a “path towards the unknown“. So dreamy, my personal favourite this year.

Photography: Alize Morand.

6 Responses to “Hyères 2010: Yiqing Yin”

  1. The same favourite for me. Kisses. @ +++

  2. Son questionnaire soblacktie bientôt. @ +++

  3. Son questionnaire soblacktie est en ligne, ainsi que les photos (de Sabin et de toi).
    @ +++

  4. Ce n’est pas souvent que l’on voit des lauréats avec des modèles “portables” à Hyères.

    J’aime beaucoup celle là.

  5. :O
    This is adoration.

  6. The dresses are so fluid and beautiful..
    xx-LJ FROM SOS!

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