Hyères 2010: Verdict

Hyères International Festival of Fashion and Photography was this weekend, and the 2010 selection of young designers was exceptional again.

Above are some examples of the detailed origami-inspired work of Belgian designer Alexandra Verschueren, the winner this year, awarded with the L’Oreal Grand Prize and a 15,000 € grant. Congratulations to her!

More details on my other favourites to come.

Photography: Alize Morand

One Response to “Hyères 2010: Verdict”

  1. Hi Darling, je n’ai même pas eu le temps de te dire aurevoir en partant à la soirée samedi, vous aviez disparus ! On ne se voit que trop rapidement.
    Concernant le festival, j’aurai préféré voir gagner Yqing la française ou Berger et Lugbauer les autrichiennes. Kisses. See you ASAP.

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