Objects of desire

Jewellery by Husam El Odeh. Photography by Alize Morand.

Just like last year, a little selection of the best of the best at London Fashion Week’s Exhibition Space.

If last season I had a crush on jewellery by Fiona Paxton, Sam Ubhi and Satya, I was really impressed this season with the pieces from Husam El Odeh. And even more by his creative presentation, very organic and seductive. One of my coups de coeur this year.

The German designer, who has Palestinian and Lebanese background and studied fine arts in Berlin, loves London for its mix of cultures and has relocated here ten years ago. King of collaborations, he has collaborated with Topman, Topshop, Kickers, Marios Schwab and recently with Acne for some special silver pieces.

He calls his work “between industrial and luxurious” and has created many pieces incorporating pearls, finely cut silver with traditional techniques, pendants on very delicate chains. In the 2010 collection that I admired at the Somerset house, my favourites included crystals and colourful stones on gold necklaces, all with funny play on words such as “Desire Me” or “Forbidden Fruit”.

Mmmmh, pure desire.

2 Responses to “Objects of desire”

  1. this is so beautiful. i agree, the way it is displayed is gorgeous and so alluring. will definitely check out more of his collection. lovely photo too. xx

  2. Om nom nom, how beautiful!

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