Blair Waldorf Style

Dear Upper East Siders,

Gossip Girl fan or not, there is no doubt Blair Waldorf signature style has been influencing fashionistas all over the connected world. Headband? Check. Preppy cardigan? Check. Pearls? Check. Fabulous corsets, satin cushions, Wasabi mask, candy cupcakes, blasé pout and ice-queen wit? Check, check, check, check, check and check.

But Queen B. is not the only trend-setter out there. TV show heroes are more and more complex, addictive and stylish to the point that we feel like we know them personally and copy their styles inconsciously. They have become part of our lives. Of course they change all the time, characters come and go, some series stop after a few, some last for decades, but they remain part of an era, representative of an era, à la Dynasty.

And they also set trends, just like Miss Blair. See even Garance is influenced. And Robert Pattinson has been named best-dressed man this year, according to GQ – okay Twilight is a film series, but still.

Now should these new pop stars’ styles stay on the screen, or are they welcome on the street too? Are the genius ideas behind virtual characters’s style obsessions just another fad, or actually driving international sales – of headbands? – that might become the styles remembered of the 010’s? We will just have to wait and see. Now if you ask me if I am more Blair or Serena style-wise, I can only answer.. that’s one secret I’ll never tell.


Images: Vogue China January 2010. Left: Edita Vikeviciute by Walter Pfeiffer in ‘The Princess Diaries’. Dress Dior Couture. Shoes Balmain. Right: Eniko Mihalik by Alasdair McLellan in ‘In the mood of spring’. Cardigan Gucci. Book-bag Olympia Le Tan.

3 Responses to “Blair Waldorf Style”

  1. BRILLIANT! i love this post! GG’s styling is so detailed…it’s impossible not be inspired! High five for Blair and Chuck, my personal favourite for fashion eye candy. R.Patz dresses like a hobo.


  2. Eniko dans le role de Blair, oh my god !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i think, it’s a role that you can play very well too. 🙂 @ +++

  3. Steph Jed: Thanks! I agree, the stylists behind it – I think the main stylist is Eric Daman, who’s also worked for Sex & the City!! – are really focused on details. Chuck Bass’ style is also such a dandy inspiration in a world where men are so often less interested in style than women.. and I find them refreshingly playful & creative with clothes. xx
    Pierre-Jean: I know, when I saw this picture, I thought of Blair straight away! Thanks, I do like Blair’s style, but in reality, I think I may be closer to Madame Eleanor Waldorf’s style with black, white & pearls 😉 xx

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