Golden Girl

After discovering jewellery wonders at London Fashion Week and being saturated with those trends of embellishment, studs and pearls, I think I can officially say that jewellery is making a come-back. However, sale figures seem to disagree, since it is apparently one of the sectors which suffer the most from the crisis (LVMH announced a 34% slump in their jewellery sales in 2009. Source: Prestigium).

Well, this editorial ‘La couleur de l’or’, from Vogue Paris November 09, is officially the type of things that would make any fashionista/o rearrange her/his style priorities. And gold is (one of ) the new black(s)! Look at Givenchy Couture or Qasimi. I had given you a hint of golden touch here already!

Styled by Véronique Didry, and starring Vogue Paris lolita Anna ‘Cat’ Selezneva, this series shines by its bright colours and calm unashamed glamour. I love the position of Anna’s hand on this picture, her gaze, and the effortless way she is resting against the other model.

The Jil Sander yellow flannel dress emphasises the appeal of the gold to the eye. Genius with Anna’s baby blond hair. To be honest I am not usually fond of the typical studio-focus of jewellery editorials, but this one looks like a fashion editorial, embedded in reality, and therefore makes it more real, and desirable, and yet there is a part of dream. It’s all that luxury is about, isn’t it? Turning real objects into dreams and making dreams reality.

‘La couleur de l’or’. Vogue Paris November 2009. Styled By Véronique Didry, photographed by Claudia Knoepfel and Stefan Indlekofer. Yellow flannel dress Jil Sander, leather bodice Jean-Claude Jitrois. Top necklace Chaumet, Anna’s necklace Chopard. Bracelets left 2 Marion Godart and 1 Ilias Lalaounis. Anna’s bracelets: 2 Chopard and 1 Belperron. Ring Lydia Courteille.

3 Responses to “Golden Girl”

  1. absolutely loved all your tweets about fashion week (: i must say, that shade of taxicab yellow and gold look absolutely ravishing on her – a bit grecian but modern! beautiful!

    and in response to your inquiry about nonpareil: my French teacher used it the other day in reference to us [her students] and i asked the same thing as you – she answered saying that it was just something she thought that was cute. since “non pareil” means “a person or thing having no equal”/ “a small bit of colored sugar for decorating candy, cake, & cookies”, her reasoning was that sprinkles make everything much happier – as do we [her students]!

    so i’ve decided to adopt that phrase (:

    bisous, xx

  2. Yeah, I hear you. People start educating themselves regarding jewellry. Men’s jewels are definitely about to reach a pick too.
    Looking forward to reading you!

  3. La C. : Thanks for the tweets 🙂 love this mix of ‘taxicab yellow’ as you perfectly define it & gold.. and thanks for the nonpareil explanation, it’s definitely not in use but ho says we can’t start using it 🙂 bisous!

    Florent: Men’s jewellery is totally underrated.. and yet can be superb if well done.. no need to pimp it to look good in gold 🙂 Looking forward to you coming back 🙂 x

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