LFW S/S 10: Qasimi wonders

Pictures by Alize Morand. Qasimi S/S 10 Collection. Watch the catwalk show here.

This is what I love about London Fashion Week: far from the commercial side of NY, the black and white elitism of Paris and the perfect glamour of Milan, you find a diversity of raw talents.

This was Qasimi’s fourth collection although I did not know this designer before, yet there was quite some buzz surrounding the event at the Red Bull Factory. Everyone was saying that it was fantastic last year and a promising talent not to be missed this year. My co-reporter and I landed up front row and got to have exclusive access backstage as well as an interview with the designer himself.

This was probably my favourite show of the whole fashion week, along with more established Matthew Williamson and fresh talent Marko Mitanovski, which is why I wanted to write a special feature about him. An incredible mix of trends (big shoulders, embellishments, bodycon) with traditional oriental style and techniques (drapes, gold, embroidery).

The designer told me he was inspired by ancient spiritualism from the Byzantium era. Soft drapery in delicate chiffon contrasted with bold structured jackets hand-embellished in Swarovski crystals, antique metals, laser-cut mirrors and intricate beading. All of which was completed by jewellery from Scott Wilson and headpieces from Nasir Mazhar.

The dominant shades were cream white and burgundy, with sometimes a touch of turquoise and gold embellishment. According to the designer himself, the ‘Byzantium divine goddesses with strong shoulders’ aimed at bringing ‘positivity and good vibes’. He also revealed that plans for the future involved the following: ‘We are also showing Menswear in Paris and we’d like to develop our collaboration with jewellery designer Scott Wilson’.

What I love about this choice of pictures is that it shows the journey of a piece from the creation process to the runway: this one was particularly spectacular.

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One Response to “LFW S/S 10: Qasimi wonders”

  1. Oh my, I think I may be in love, that collection sounds so beautiful! I have been keeping my eye out for golds and creams for quite a while now, it just seems the perfect colour scheme for summer. And the turquoise hints really do make it sound like it embodied the beauty of the traditional Middle Eastern colour palette. Can’t wait to see what he has in store for the men’s collection!

    And I really do think the quirkiness of LFW is what sets us apart. I suppose it has always been that way, and it is what is so amazing about London. It is impossible for a newcomer to really show at Paris without serious backing, and even New York is pretty hard. London has always been more open to new designers. You never know what to expect, and that’s what makes it fun. You can look back at the ’80s and see how LFW pretty much existed on a wing and a prayer, it was unorganised, crazy, but fun. London will always be about individuality and fun 🙂

    Hope you’re having a beautiful weekend!

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