London Fashion Week’s Jewels

Pictures by Alize Morand. Left: Fiona Paxton. Right: Sam Ubhi.

Jewellery time! After the romantic and pure jewellery pieces from Satya I showed you last time, here are more opulent and sumptuous pieces I spotted at London Fashion Week and wanted to share with you.

On the left, necklaces by Fiona Paxton, a graduate from the Royal College of Art who takes inspiration from ancient Indian techniques and craftsmanship. A perfect example of reinterpretation: where tradition meets metal, which adds a rock edge and instantly transfers into modern life. I can picture it perfect on a white tee with a black leather skirt…

On the right, a raindeer necklace by Sam Ubhi, who takes inspiration from her travels and uses diverse raw materials for her pieces: from bone to horn, semi-precious gems to plain stones. The pieces have a true antique feel which Sam explains: ‘I have a great love for vintage, which comes from my mother, from bags to jewellery, and vintage also inspires me a lot. In that spirit, we also do a lot of one-off pieces.’

Meeting designers and discovering pieces up close, touching them, is a different feeling from a show, which is why I had a crush on these jewellery designers I guess. No celebrities, paparazzi or riot to get a front row seat here. Just the authentic emotion from beautifully made pieces which ally creativity and aesthetics.

PS: On a side note, I am finally back from Paris, where I nearly went to the Chanel show by mistake (!) I had the funny idea to go see the Renoir exhibition at the Grand Palais on Tuesday at 11am, the exact time and place of the show, kept secret then. Fate, I’m telling you! Well, I couldn’t see the exhibition, but I ended up in a café surrounded by Olivier Zahm, Suzy Menkes (litterally sitting next to me) and dozens of fashion editors just out of the show reporting about it, uploading their pictures, opening their Chanel goody bags full of pink gloss and polish and simply.. having lunch! I didn’t get to see the show but I got almost instant reports about it, from the best fashionistas out there. Not bad, eh? I will tell you about all the rest later. Oh, Paris!

One Response to “London Fashion Week’s Jewels”

  1. Ces bijoux sont top. Et ce collier à tête de cerf est merveilleux. Juste parfait. Sympa ton anecdote sur “les coulisses” du défilé Chanel est savoureuse. Assise à coté de Suzy Menkès! Quel choc et quelle excitation!

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