Thigh-high boots

If by any chance, you didn’t feel sexy and glamorous enough with your plumetis tights, lace dress and power-shoulder jacket, try the thigh-high books, aka cuissardes.

What’s not to like about this trend? A black boot, that elongates the leg, keeps you warm, protects you from the cold winter, or rainy London weather, and a long-time friend of über-chic Vogue fashion editor Emmanuelle Alt. Even fashion journalist and blogger Géraldine Dormoy, who favours masculine clothes and a minimalist look has fallen for them.

Far are the days when the thigh-high boot evoked a hookerish Pretty Woman style. It is now a staple of fashion editors worldwide and the ultimate AW09 treat for your feet, in the books of Louis Vuitton (left), Gucci (right), Stella McCartney for a perforated faux-leather version, and Chloé‘s fantastic gold and camel boots.

And for the most daring, there are obviously the Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte leather straps boots and the Prada fishermen version.

Which ones will you go for? I have made up my mind already. But I personally still heart my ankle boots and knee-high equestrian look..

Left: Marie-Claire Italy, with an embellished Sportmax dress and Gucci boots. Right: Marie-Claire Germany for all Louis Vuitton look.

5 Responses to “Thigh-high boots”

  1. ABsoluuuutely want a pair of thigh-high boots this season, but many I’ve seen so far seem to have a ‘stupid’ factor in them, heels or just the general look… Chloe’s green suede would be so perfect…

    Great to see you again today btw ❤

  2. i need a pair in my life – suede black. borderline kinky as seen by those who understand not our obsession with fashion, but undeniably haute (;

    still on the hunt for a pair…

    missed you loads! (: ugh, can i be you?! your lfw tweets are making me jealous… (;

    bisous, xx

  3. Please Alizé, not you not the “cuissardes”. 🙂 @ +++

  4. I was worried to buy over the knee boots – but I did and I adore them. Now I want to go higher – I so need a pair of thigh highs in my life; if only to keep my sanity! 🙂

  5. Dearest Alize,

    just for your information, Paulette has just found her pair of cuissardes. Hélas.



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