Bold shoulders

More trends! The next trend that I am foreseeing is already everywhere anyway is bold shoulders. Here you see the sheer dotted tights and wonder, but I told you it was only the beginning, and in fact I had already shown them here. Plus who said you couldn’t combine trends? I never thought I would be the advocate of a total 80s look, but if done with subtlety and in accordance with your own style, I believe it is easy possible.

Since Balmain creative director Christophe Decarnin designed these strong pointy shoulders last year – particularly those of SS09 – they’ve been seen on fashion editors and street icons snapped by the Blogosphere all over the world. A year later, they are (almost) everywhere in high-street shops and I think we won’t escape this trend on jackets this autumn. This includes shoulder pads, 80’s shoulders, pointy shoulders, and more recently embellished shoulders – the most astonishing I have seen in shops and showrooms by Chloé (see here) and Alberta Ferretti (see here) for dresses and jackets. Expect a lot of DIY too, as advised in the pages of British Vogue with their More Dash Than Cash section.

I thought I was bored of them at one point, but after a month of just swimsuits in St Tropez, I look forward to seeing more jackets in the streets of Paris and London.

Picture on the left from Marie-Claire Italy September O9: Giorgio Armani dress and Balenciaga boots and right from Vogue Italy (not sure anymore): Balmain crystal white blouse and leather skirt.

3 Responses to “Bold shoulders”

  1. Damn!..I dig winged shoulders, especially.

  2. Teri Rees Wang: Oh no, don’t say that, it’s too much 😉 I really love winged shoulders too. But this is beyond trends! x

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