Plumetis tights

Since this is a blog ‘de tendances‘, let’s talk about tendances – about the new trends for this season. It might seem a little frivolous, but I would like to start the season on a light note, and anyway, I reckon we will see these trends all autumn long, so you know what to expect! I confess I am also mentally visualising my new autumn wardrobe staples. Aren’t you?

After a nice summer break on the French Riviera, a good read of all the eagerly anticipated international fashion press of September – THE fashion issues, as the film The September Issue attests – and after digesting all the collections, I think I can say I, we, are all ready to uncover all these trends. Well, I have made a selection which is undoubtedly subjective, and my vision, my interpretation of fashion this season, and things I like. I hope you like them too.

As autumn approaches – soon enough, we need to be ready to walk in the cold streets of the city in our heels… and tights. And as much as I would like to show my freshly tanned legs, and just love bare legs in warm boots in the cold season, if there is a trend I am looking forward to, it is sheer dotted tights, called plumetis in French. Goodbye opaque tights, goodbye leggings (finally!), hello sexy 80’s coquette. Balenciaga have announced their return, and Louis Vuitton have a monogram version.

I plan to pair all my minis with them this season – and oh, did I say I only wear dresses? – you know what you will see me wearing this autumn. However, I believe patterned tights in general will be welcome, and I am not ready to throw last year’s lace tights away yet either. Carine Roitfeld loves them too, as she explained in the latest Vogue DVD: even she will cover her legs this autumn.

Oh, and I am happy to be back with an internet connection. But do not worry, I have not been resting too much fashion-wise. In fact, I am going to Paris tomorrow, and have meetings planned with Louis Vuitton, and Cartier, just to mention a few, so there will be some exclusive infos on the blog soon. Welcome back!

Oh and by the way, left picture of Abbey Lee is from Vogue Australia, and right picture is the epitome of Paris sexy chic from Vogue Paris. The two skirts are Balmain, heels on the left Jimmy Choo, heels on the right Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain and tights Gerbe.

10 Responses to “Plumetis tights”

  1. Lovely legs for crazy fashion boy ! Are you back in london business ? Kiss. @ +++

    Ps : tell me when you know for your septembre travel in Paris

  2. It’s always nice to learn I’m not the only girl out there who prefers dresses over jeans 🙂 I really like the layout of your blog, by the way, it’s so different from all the other ones out there!

  3. I love this trend! But its a pity I live in a country thats summery all year round! Can’t wait to see the other tendances that you will be blogging about! =]

  4. I love the plumetis and all patterned tights in general. Personally I’m not a fan of leggings, though supposedly they will continue to be a trend this season. I do find tights more feminine and they’re so perfect with skirts of all lengths. Hope you had fun in Paris! At least the weather here is still nice and warm 🙂

  5. you got a really cool blog, such a beautiful choice of images!

  6. Pierre-Jean: Great legs, huh?! Paris first & last weeks of October. Such a pity you’re not coming for Paris Fashion Week! x
    Airam: Thanks a lot 🙂 You’re definitely not the only one about dresses, it’s literally my obsession! x
    Theresa: Oh what a pity for the tights! Even at night? But I guess there’s good aspects about having an all-year round summer, eh?! 😉 More trends are coming! x
    Hauteworld: You’re so right! Tights are always perfect, especially with heels, whereas leggings cut the whole leg and harmony! Weather was actually great in London today, I’ve brought sunshine back 😉 x
    Miriam: Thank you, that’s so nice, glad you liked my picks! 🙂 x

  7. Wow…what a great site…so glad I came here!!! Beautiful pix coupled with great text…what more can i ask?

    I am liking the dotted stockings and bold shoulders trends as well…let’s see if i actually can incorporate them into my real life wardrobe!

  8. Kat: Oh, thanks, that’s so nice of you 🙂 I believe dotted tights and bold shoulders are easy to incorporate into your wardrobe: with a classic LBD and stilettos, anything goes! x

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  10. Интересно. Некоторые моменты не знал.

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