Resort 2010 Made in Paris

Follow-up with the Resort collections. Did you really think I would not mention the Paris collections? I revealed the truth: this season, I particularly loved the US Resort collections. 

But, I did mention my fondness for the Chanel Venitian Cruise here, and there are a few other Parisian names that I would like to highlight, because although it is a different spirit from the NY light and airy spring collections, there is still creativity and quality. Paris is just darker, and reminds me more of a glam-chic opulent dinner than a summer brunch. It isn’t about staples with Paris Resort, more about show, and being the belle of the ball.

A smaller but careful selection of the best of Paris Resort 2010:

Celine – THE much-anticipated return of the house, under the artistic direction of icon Phoebe Philo did not disappoint. Beauty made of satin tux, trenches, leather handbags and leather skirts, all in shades of tan, beige, black and grey.

Lanvin – Fun and luxury embodied. Playful accessories and colours for a happy mood and to impress the guests.

Balenciaga – great detailing, and one of the most couture and mature collection of this Resort season. Still wearable tough. Coup-de-maître from Monsieur Guesquière.

Vuitton – Petite princess is playing Lolita by the beach and throwing her shoes away at her friends’ party.

Other than that, Cavalli was not bad at all really with great styling and colourful separates. AND Burberry was flying the flag for British high-end fashion with my favourite collection from Mister Bailey EVER.


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5 Responses to “Resort 2010 Made in Paris”

  1. I still can’t make up my mind on what’s the most horr….hum less interesting in the Celine picture : the jacket or the shorts?
    It is said designers set high-street trends: quite fortunately, this is summer 2010 , it will give my eyes enough time to grow accustomed to them 🙂
    Loving Lanvin Parisian-chic though, this flower touch is fresh and enjoyable.

  2. New York is always about more ‘practical’, if that’s the right word, fashion, as opposed to the more showy creations in Europe. I actually really like the Celine collection, it was understated but oh so beautiful. Lanvin had to be one of my favourites, but then again I am a total sucker for happy collections! And I am so glad you mentioned Burberry, it wazs flippin fantabulous. Christopher Bailey really has made me a huuuge fan of Burberry these past few years – it has definitely repaired the damage of those chavs in Burberry check!

  3. Olivier: The Celine picture is quite unflattering but the collection is actually gorgeous, I reckon it needs to be seen for real and the materials touched to appreciate all its inner quality. Lanvin is so playful and fun, I like how Mister Elbaz is obviously having fun designing and is willing to share this happiness with the women who will wear his dresses.

    Dapper Kid: I’m glad we agree on this selection! About Burberry, I’m still wondering if I should do a post dedicated to Mister Bailey’s genius – it will probably happen sooner or later. For me the chav association is miles away from the brand now, just like fake Vuitton Monogram from Marc Jacobs work or Primark’s version of the Chanel 2.55.

  4. Lanvin boasted the most playful of poses…absolutely amazebeans!

  5. Schmaddy: I know! The poses were so fun for a change! Really nice. 🙂

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