Resort 2010 Made in NY

Special Resort 2010 collections (Pre/Resort/Cruise.. call them what you want!)

There’s always this controversy around Resort lines, that these collections are just commercial, which kills the creativity and artistic side of fashion, as well as overwhelming designers and houses with work, and pressuring them to produce more and more designs, therefore losing the focus on quality. 

I agree with this argument to an extent, but there is time and place for everything, and I believe not all houses should do Resort, just to keep up with trends or show a bland sellable collection as opposed to a mad main show. Resort and pre-collections are however by definition more ready-to-wear. 

I am hoping you do not see me as too patriotic because I overtly admit my love for French houses Vuitton, Chanel or Balmain. Hopefully you would have seen that I am as passionate about Christopher Kane, Stella McCartney and that ultimately my favourite designer is Marc Jacobs – this dates back to when I was 12 years old and wanted to marry him, which as I soon discovered, would be unlikely to happen.

Anyway, I actually think that American designers are undoubtedly the kings of casual chic ready-to-wear – I am really not fond of mid-market French brands, although I won’t tell names, and although I believe that the best high-street is to be found in Britain, UK designers tend to be edgy, original, and experimental but there is somehow a lack of quality ready-to-wear designer.

I thus declare my love for the very coveted collections of the following US designers, that this Resort season revealed to me as the kings of pretty staples that I wish were part of my closet, and whom I had underestimated in the past – classic is NOT always boring! I’ll come back to this point with the (in)famous US VOGUE.

Sweet palette of nudes, uptown chic, luxe yet easy accessories, comfortable cocoon layering or sexy cocktail dresses. Literally makes me want to be on holidays by the sea for late summer dinner and drinks, at a garden party and just chilling at home with friends on a hot summer night.

The highlights of Resort 2010 are:

Proenza & Schouler Perfect styling and accessories as usual.

BCBG Max AzriaFantastic cocktail dresses, sexy in the city, nice navy too.

Alexander Wang You see, Alexander, pretty is nice, too, and the 80s are over!

Calvin Klein Great drapes and layered sheer fabrics.

Phillip Lim – I want it all, romantic dresses and cardigans rule.

Vera Wang Holidays with Johnny Depp anyone?

Zac Posen I want another Prom now. And all his candy-coloured dresses.

Thakoon Not so much his famous prints, but the new nudes and ethereal chiffon.

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4 Responses to “Resort 2010 Made in NY”

  1. ‘I am really not fond of mid-market French brands, although I won’t tell names’
    Why does it seem to me that V., or S. or C. belong to this group?;-)
    Not being much of a fashion connoisseur, I always enjoyed the security American brands offer : if you’re a man, their polos, shirts or trousers will always provide an effortless way to look at least O.K without risk of major faux-pas.

  2. I really do love each and every one of the resort collections of the designer’s you picked, Alize!

    La C.

  3. I second your pick of designers, and I agree that British designers do push boundaries in their designs for high street fashion! Personally, I feel that resort collections are not necessary, at least for some fashion houses as you said. I’d rather they produce groundbreaking pieces for their seasonal collections rather than for the pre-seasonal ones. Sometimes, it really does get a little excessive and the true essence of a brand might be lost.

  4. Olivier: You’re so good with names that I almost wonder if you’re not a fan of these labels yourself! 😉 In fact, I believe you are more of a connoisseur when it comes to American brands than I am: unlike you, I don’t have any Ralph Lauren or Calvin Klein in my wardrobe, and I’m blinded by my love for Marc! I think insight from a menswear perspective for US labels is really interesting because often, men want understated practicality and effortless chic without too much risk, as you perfectly put it. Women tend to experiment more, although this trend seem to evolve a little thankfully. x

    La C.: I’m glad you agree with me on this one, because you probably know these labels better than I do eventually. This resort season was really inspiring for them! x

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