Stephen Jones: Anthology of a visionary milliner

The V&A does fantastic exhibitions I must say. And one curated by genius milliner Stephen Jones can only be a major success, both in terms of creation and publicity. The CSM graduate cherished by the A-List for his innovative designs selected over 300 hats to be displayed in a magical garden within the V&A.

From antique hats to children’s hats, from baseball caps to hats worn by Audrey Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich, Anna Piaggi or Madonna, the key word here is eclecticism.

Stephen Jones actually spent two years researching the right hats for this exhibition, and although it features some of his designs, treasures from Christian Dior, Chanel, Balmain, Philip Treacy are also to be found, along with some from the new talents in millinery Noel Stewart and Nasir Mazhar.

With hats shaped in a shoe, a cloche, in plastic, in paper, or even as a couple making love, this is more than one could ever imagine, and you will never see hats the same way – actually, it is the Queen who was right from the start: hats are really cool.

On the left, Kate Moss wearing the trend: a turban by Stephen Jones for the Met’s Model as a Muse Exhibition party. Despite the bad critics, I think she looks gorgeous. On the right: hats from the exhibition, pictures from The Guardian.

Rush to the exhibition: it is on until 31 May. More details on the V&A Website.






7 Responses to “Stephen Jones: Anthology of a visionary milliner”

  1. Wow, wow and more wow! I do love the V&A fashion exhibitions 🙂 I think Kate Moss looked absolutely stunning in the full gold! And Stephen Jones is a pure visionary, his choices for display must be so interesting.

    In regards to the coffee, I am unfortunately dealing with some health complications as of late, which leave me pretty much unable to travel. Buuuut once I’m better and back at university, I’ll pretty much be living at the Courtauld, rather than here in Souf London, so I’ll see you then! We should totally do a London fashion bloggers meet up! Oh, and I linked you in my sidebar 🙂

  2. Dapper Kid: Totally agreed! Wow, that must be so cool to live at the Courtauld, I shall come and visit you, ha! Hope you get better very soon. Take care. x

  3. Terrific post! I’m in London, but don’t know if I’ll get a chance to go. I do love V&A exhibits though. Stephen Jones does some incredible pieces. Unfortunately it’s not that easy to see them in-store, unless it’s a place that sells Comme Des Garcons.

  4. That sounds like an awesome exhibition! wish I was nearer so I could check it out. I love his hat’s they are like little pieces of art in themselves!
    And I think kates hat / turban was amazing!

  5. I know a milliner (more of a mad hatter when I think of it…) and I really admire the way these architects of “coiffe” build precious pieces (eccentric or classic) to accessorize and even create the outfit… and we know Carry Bradshaw shares the same view (see the episode of the stolen Manolos… oh, see the whole serie, just to be sure :p ). By the way, I can’t wait for SATC 2: pretty dresses, heels, cocktails and cinema… up for it?

  6. Hauteworld: Thanks! I know, I have very rarely seen his pieces in store, but he does collaborations with many couture designers so I guess you might be lucky enough to find them in the flagship stores. x
    Emma: I know, I almost never wear hats myself, but they are indeed pieces of art, and it is so British in a way, from the Queen to Ascot.. yet Coco Chanel started as a milliner…!
    Galla: Oh tell me about Carrie’s hats! 🙂 I’m more than up for SATC 2 with you.. round 2 of fashionista’s dresses, Louboutin heels and cocktail night, how could I refuse??! x

  7. […] you might have noticed here or here, I love the V&A exhibitions, and just the museum itself, I could literally work for […]

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