Danny Roberts, super-fashion-illustrator

Beau-ti-ful. Danny Roberts is an artist.

An artist like there are not so many today. I don’t know why but it seems to me he is from another era, a time when artists were creating, experimenting, starting art movements that we would learn in art history classes decades and decades later, a time when artists were not afraid to produce figurative work, to have muses, portrait them and take inspiration from society, fashion and their contemporaries.

As much as I like contemporary art, I also need to be visually pleased to appreciate a piece of art. And I despise the hip, starification, trend-effect and commercial aspect of most of it. I believe an artist should be passionate about what he does, and looking for perfection. I guess it is the myth of the artist as an outsider that gives us hindsight on our lives. It is a feeling. 

I cannot believe Danny is hardly older than I am. His work tells a story, and he uses many techniques to achieve the desired effect, which I totally relate to. Well, doesn’t everyone paint with tea, nail polish and uses their fingers more than paintbrushes? 

A graduate from the Academy of Art in San Francisco, Danny studied both photography and fashion design. Yes, I know. He really is multi-talented. His photographs are also very moving, and I would recommend a visit on the Image Diary of his website to understand what I mean.

Danny is for me one of theseillustrationists, as I like to define this blend of expressionism, illustration and art nouveau. He does some of the most beautiful fashion illustrations of our days, often inspired by models Gemma Ward, Lily Cole and some famous pretty fashion bloggers such as Rumi.

What I also love is that he is not a fashion designer, but rather enjoys drawing other designers’ creations, which is what I do myself, and that some people do not really understand. I sometimes wish fashion magazines had more illustrations and less pictures, like back in the old days of couture. Taking a look at Danny’s take on a few magazine covers, there is no doubt he would illustrate many Vogue covers.

There is something about Danny. He might look like the boy next door in one of these famous American TV Show, but have a look at what he does, and you cannot look at him the same way. He might say it is all about hard work – and it is undeniable that he puts a huge amount of hard work in all he produces – but still, I believe he also has an incredible talent.

Danny Roberts’ website: Igor and André. Pictures: Gemma Ward and Anna Selezneva.

7 Responses to “Danny Roberts, super-fashion-illustrator”

  1. He does incredible work. I rather disagree with you about him being from a different era–I guess I see something modern in his use of empty space and details.
    It is true we seem to have less true artists…or maybe it’s just been awhile since we had a really BIG one like Picasso…someone who revolutionizes the way we look at art.

  2. I l ove his work too, I think it’s really inspirational!
    You have a really great blog, very unique!

  3. I absolutely adore his work. Unbelievably amazing!

    I am still coveting that teeshirt collaboration of the Chanel girls in sunglasss. *sighhhh*

    La C.

  4. The Clothes Horse: I completely agree with you. I think his work is really modern too, just the way he’s such a passionate artist makes me think of other great artists from the past I guess. x
    Emma: Thank you 🙂 Danny is such an inspiration, you’re right!
    La C.: I know, who wouldn’t?!! Bisous! x

  5. Hello my dear,

    I love the post!
    I discovered his work at the beginning of the year (research!) and I must admit I was waiting for an article about him! Hs work is really amazing but I prefer when he puts less photoshop and more handcraft as in the illustration you picture.
    Hope you’re ok babe!

  6. I am absolutely obsessed with his work! It is so beautiful, and his passion for his art clearly shows, which makes me love it even more 🙂 I know what you mean, a lot of illustrators nowadays seem to fall into believing their own hype far too much, and their works seem to lack a certain soul. I suppose that climate makes me appreciate his work all the more!

  7. Oh wow thank you so much Alize! It really means alot 🙂

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