Alexa Cheung

By Alize Morand

11 May, 2009

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Picture from UK Harper’s Bazaar, May 09, by Guy Aroch, Alexa being the cover girl. Leather Jacket: Charles Anastase, Cardigan: Oscar de la Renta, Dress: William Tempest.

When I first started this blog and wrote that Alexa Cheung was one of my fashion icons, I had mixed reactions but most people were quite sceptical – okay the exact terms were ‘My heroes include Marc Jacobs, Edgar Degas, Charles Anastase, Alexander Wang, Yves Klein, Toulouse-Lautrec, Lily Donaldson, Tim Walker, Sofia Coppola and Alexa Cheung’.

But today, at least in the UK, you cannot flip through a magazine, from tabloids to glossies, free London papers to lifestyle magazines, without seeing her. “Best dressed”, “Coolest”, “Coolest boyfriend”, “Rock chick” et cetera.

Truth is, yes her boyfriend is one of the most famous rockstar in this country today – Alex Turner from indie band Arctic Monkeys -, she is on TV more than most actresses – since she is a TV presenter – and she sports all the latest trends, from military to mini, immediately copied by a nation of fashion and celebrity-conscious girls. After this quick introduction you might be quite scared. I would be too.

But despite all this, she defies stereotypes. Contrary to over-sexy or over-polished WAGs, she does the Shoreditch style better than anyone – mixing THE Vuitton ethnic shoes with vintage jewellery and Barbour jackets. You never see the usual pictures of her drunk with Paris Hilton. Her wish right now would be, not to have her nose or breasts done, but to be ‘more eloquent’. She has tea and scones at midnight with Charles Anastase, and she loves Jane Birkin‘s style. 

Actually she might even be a little normal, a little boring, the type to stay at home, watch films and drink English tea. And it all seems pretty cool to me actually, to be a little normal. She almost gives you the impression that you could be like her. Which is, obviously, completely illusory. 

Alexa thinks that ‘it’s not so much the clothes as the attitude’. I would say it is both in her case. The East London girl is going to the US to launch an international career. Let’s see if she keeps the attitude.

6 Responses to “Alexa Cheung”

  1. What the hell, she is not single !!! :). Kiss

  2. PJ: I know! 😉 I bet lots of guys wish she was! 🙂 x
    Luphia: She’s great I agree! 🙂 x

  3. J’adore le nouveau layout de ton blog!
    Alexa is a real inspiration style wise … C’est une veritable icone de la mode, bien plus que Kate Moss qui ces jours ci a perdu un peu de sa grace soit disant intemporelle.

  4. July Stars: Thanks a lot! The layout changes at every post! 🙂
    As much as I love Kate, I must agree that Alexa is for me an absolute style icon. I guess I feel closer to her style than Kate’s. x

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