Ode to Alt and Sorrenti

Now I know. Everytime I flick through a French CondéNast publication and gush in delight facing whether:

1) The most exceptional black and white editorial since David Bailey (only exception being Hedi)  

2) The most wonderful and oh-so-covetable Balmain jacket or complete outfit

3) It-model Anna Selezneva

There is some Emmanuelle Alt or Mario Sorrenti involved. And when they work together, this is the result.

The stylist has been the fashion editor of French Vogue for many years and Carine’s right-hand collaborator. A big fan of the French effortless chic, her uniform is fitted jeans with a loose t-shirt, and recently a Balmain jacket, a trend she literally started, being a consultant for the brand. 

As for Mr Sorrenti, he is an Italian photographer now living in New York, a long-time contributor for Vogue and W. His career breakthrough happened when, at the age of 21, he was commissioned to photograph the now iconic Obsession campaign for Calvin Klein, starring Kate Moss. Not bad for a start really.

I love when stylists, photographers, artists know what they want, when they have their own style and do not try to follow trends. They actually often start trends. And this is what they will be remembered for. I genuinely think the two are modern visionaries, and I am very fond of their uncluttered yet fierce style.

On the left, Mario Sorrenti did his autoportrait, styled by Mrs Alt, for Vogue Hommes International Spring-Summer 09. On the right, Anna in the fabulous androgynous editorial Brother and Sister in Vogue Paris May 09, photographed by Sorrenti & styled by Alt.

8 Responses to “Ode to Alt and Sorrenti”

  1. J’aime beaucoup le nouveau design de ton blog, so black and white.
    A bientôt.

  2. Lol, Nicolas doesn’t understand that your blog’s skin change at every post !

    Anyway, i like your choice about this editorial, simply gorgeous.

  3. Nicolas: Merci!! Mais pas de nouveau design, cf comment de PJ! A très vite! bises
    Pierre-Jean: I know! You just have to get used to it I guess! Thanks for the editorial, it’s two different actually: Vogue & Vogue Hommes.. I’m getting into menswar now hehe! Too many stylish men around! x

  4. Great post! I admit I’m getting a bit tired of seeing the Balmain jacket (it was everywhere in Paris during Fashion Week and very few actually looked good in it), but I like the way it’s paired with a skirt/dress in this shot. Nice write-up – most people focus more on the model than what actually goes on behind the scenes.

  5. His portrait is absolutely stunning! And I fell in love with the shoot, that photograph is so beautiful, and I really do like the white background against the Balmain jacket.

  6. I am not a fan of shoulder pads, but I am so in love with Balmain jackets. They are the epitome of chic outerwear perfection.

  7. “Modern visionary” truly is the right way to describe them. In particular, Emanuelle Alt’s way of making something so ornate and elaborate as the Balmain jackets, into something so incredibly wearable. She’s sparked more than a trend – she created an obsession. I certainly can’t get that silhouette out of my head, nor that quiet but growing need to keep looking out for Balmain-esque looks – whether in terms of the usage of crystals and metal, the hard structured shoulders…the list goes on.

    Needless to say, B&W photography is gorgeous. And our beloved “Cat Eyes” is stunning.


  8. Hauteworld: Thanks, I must admit I agree about the Balmain jacket: would definitely wear it with a skirt! Well I think I had said enough about Anna, no? 😉 x
    Dapper kid: Love the settings too, and the autoportrait is really amazing, agreed! x
    Café Fashionista: I’m not into the 80s revival either but Balmain is THE exception. Really, how could it not be. Outerwear perfection, that’s it! x
    Hui: Yes, Cat face! 😉 I feel the same as you, I’ve started to embellish a black jacket with pearls and beads.. as inspired by Ferretti & Balmain.. can’t help it! x

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