Anaïs Dougnac’s lunar dream

I told you about my initial menswear coup de foudre at Hyères International Fashion Festival, but here is my womenswear coup de coeur: designer Anaïs Dougnac. A romantic collection, which you want to curl up in, complemented by the most feminine and chic accessories, and told with a poetic story. 

Inspired by Saint Exupery’s The Little Prince, animation film The King and The Mockingbird and Charlie Chaplin films, the story is an expedition to the moon. A group of young girls are sent to the moon to bring back the fragrance of the moon. And to do so, they have the perfect ethereal and dreamlike outfits: diaphanous dresses and soft lingerie, with sophisticated travel accessories in the purest white: gloves, briefcases, conceptual ankle boots and the necessary detail to fly to the moon: wings.

Again, there is a duality in the collection: romantic and feminine clothes are created with masculine fabrics, sober tones and emphasising a contrast between the materials used: lace and leather mixed on lingerie and boots. The wings are created with handmade feathers of leather and cotton with silkscreen print. And the details are both intricate and playful: hidden heels in the boots, silkscreen printed bow ties.

A graduate from the Arts Decoratifs in Paris, Anaïs has her own very sensitive and poetic world. Who knew intergalactic travel could be so chic? And since Anaïs revealed to me she would like to specialise in accessories in the future, I would not be surprised to see her designing chic cases and gloves for Louis Vuitton in a few years. Or maybe for her own brand, in a cocoon boutique in the heart of Paris or Westbourne Grove

Oh, and by the way, the girls came back from the moon, and they brought back this amazing fragrance that perfectly completes the collection since, as Anaïs perfectly summarised: ‘A collection is not only beautiful dresses, but also all the accessories to form a complete outfit, and indeed the perfume!’


Pictures: left: talent Amira Fritz. Right: Super-stylish Matthew Zorpas. Thank you to Anaïs and her assistant for their time and dedication.

8 Responses to “Anaïs Dougnac’s lunar dream”

  1. Le haut que tu as mis à droite est superbe. J’aime beaucoup ces détails qui font penser un peu à des ailes d’ange !

  2. I think this is one of the best pieces you’ve written. It was so moving and so poetic that I am absolutely dying to see this collection that you were so priviledged to see. I loved everything about this ‘lunar dream’ and the such a beautiful story it is – to bring back the fragrance of the moon. I know how you love romantic collections, and I can really feel it in this post! But I also love the edginess that you described. Which girl wouldn’t want a great mix of lingerie and boots? I know I do. (:

    I have to say it again, I absolutely adored this post. Brilliant writing, smooth and articulate that absolutely drew me in. ❤

  3. firstly, lovely piece as usual, lady!

    secondly, le petit prince is one of my all-time favorite books! i can completely see how that story has influenced these marvelous garments. i’d love to see the rest of the collection!

    thirdly, i totally agree with little style box… that bustier/bolero situation does remind me of angel wings! sexy little angel wings!


  4. Tu mets particulièrement bien en valeur l’esprit de cette collection. Le top avec des plumes est très sympa. Donc, voilà un nom à suivre !

  5. Little Style Box: Oui je trouve aussi! Original et tout doux, ça donne envie de légereté!
    Hui: Thank you! Your comments always add so much to the posts. I feel like this is such a girly collection, but that could appeal to most girls since as you pointed out, which girl would resist the mix of shoes & lingerie..? x
    Lauriebot: Thanks Miss! I love Le Petit Prince too. The rest of the collection is as romantic and adorable, there was a silk grey dress with angel wings attached to the dress particularly amazing! Hopefully it will be in the shops soon! x
    Isabelle: Complètement d’accord! Et merci! bises!

  6. if anyone knows where Anaïs Dougnac’s clothing can be purchased please let me know…thanks! xoxo

  7. oops that last comment was mine i forget to put my email address, whoopsie:)
    and again i was wondering if anyone knew where i could purchase some of Anaïs Dougnac’s clothing…Thanks again! xoxo

  8. I’ll send you an email with Anais’s contact details asap, Kate. x

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