French Riviera

You know how much of a London girl I am becoming, and the weather has been wonderful these past few weeks. A shame I have been so busy with fashion internships and coursework. Anyway, enough of my life. All I wanted to say, is that as Spring is coming, I feel like travelling and going to a nice place in the sun.
And these pictures of Daria really make me travel. Chanel magic. On the left, a Chanel advertisement, and I really believe Daria is a perfect Chanel girl. I mean she does campaigns for everyone, from Isabel Marant, to Balmain, to Cavalli, etc. But she is just perfect in Chanel, she has that raw simplicity, that makes a simple white t-shirt or black dress so romantic and sophisticated on her.
On the right, editorial for French Vogue imagined by Emmanuelle Alt and photographed by Inez Van lasweerde and Vinoodh Matadin. Daria is here wearing a Pinko jacket, Chanel swimsuit, Sonia Rykiel beret, Lanvin handbag, Chanel vintage jewellery, except black Goossens bracelet.
Does this make you want to go on holidays? It does to me. Well I am going on weekend away from the city, to Hyères International Fashion Festival tomorrow. French Riviera, here I come!
Special thanks to the sleek & chic PJ from Black Tie for his lovely feature and interview of me on his blog, it is here (but in French sorry!)

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3 Responses to “French Riviera”

  1. Ah, the draw of the clear crystal pool and that sexy bodysuit she’s wearing – perfect for the sun! The sun over here is blazing, though a little too much I’m afraid. :/ I’m usually all for warm weather because I’m phobic of the cold but Singapore’s turning into a furnace! You know, about Daria, I’ve really never been a fan of her. Having said that, I do feel she was perfect for the Lancome perfume, Hypnose, was it? (Sorry for not adding the ‘circonflexe’s in both words! I can’t type it in somehow!) Her eyes and that allure of her perfectly sculpted cheekbones, really drew me in for the Hypose campaigne. So lovely! All the best with your internships and coursework! What I would give to have studied fashion in any way! You are a brilliant writer with a truly critical spirit that is balanced and mature. You are perfect for fashion, I feel. So all the best with everything (:

  2. Such beautiful images! I’m really glad it’s starting to get warmer now… all I need is the beach. You’re right, Daria is so perfect for Chanel and if I had the money, I would go and start myself a little Chanel collection for myself… sigh. Maybe one day…

  3. You’re welcome darling and sorry for the weather ! Kiss.

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