Golden Touch

Vogue Paris as fabulous as ever for the Coco Chanel Issue – Soleils de nuit editorial photographed by Maciek Kobielski and styled by Julia Von Boehm. I have not seen Carmen Kass so glamourous since the Dior J’adore advertisement, her walking in liquid gold. Watch the vintage French commercial here.

This is the real story of a night out in gold and black, this is not a posed picture in a studio – well maybe it is, but I don’t think of that when I look at it. This is a fabulous girl, with fabulous shoes and a fabulous bottle of Chanel in a Parisian apartment. But what happens on these pictures is: life, reality. She is getting ready for a night out, or coming back tipsy, or not, just thinking of what happened. Maybe she met someone, maybe she realised something that changed her life. What is the story here? Whatever it is, there is a story. Ah, the power of a picture…

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7 Responses to “Golden Touch”

  1. Hmm, I’ve always thought Carmen’s last name was spelt “Kass”? Just checking (: In any case, she was one of my favourite models. The first time I saw her was when she walked for Baby Phat many years back haha. She had such a hot walk and just this glorious bone structure with deep, piercing eyes. She and Natasha Poly reign up there in terms of runway. Their walks are to-die-for! That picture on the right of Carmen is absolutely hot. A touch of androgyny, a touch of heroine-chic, and a whole lot of cool. (: J’adore cette photo!

    Also, that little descriptive story there in italics is so beautiful. I love it for its simplicity, its straightforwardness and its open heart. I almost feel like I could have a conversation with it. Inspiration ❤

  2. Hui: You’re right, corrected the typo.. 😉
    I don’t like Carmen as much in classic settings, but as a hot rock-chick, she’s fabulous! She’s almost got something of a girl next door here, it could be anyone, it could be one of my friends getting ready for a night out. I like this spirit. I think I’m definitely having a conversation with the pictures! x

  3. The Parisian apartment bit really does peek out, there’s much life & emotion in these pictures…(you think the perfume botton the right bottom of second picture was meant to be circled like that though? kinda odd looking!)

    Ooh my bf is also called Maciek! 😛

  4. Shini: Agreed. The kinda odd circle is part of my kinda odd collage! 🙂 So yes, it was meant to be! 😉
    Maciek is a cool name, original too! xx

  5. Sensuelle sans trop de fioriture, Sexy à damner un saint. Le luxe qui semble à la porté de gens ordinaires… C’est ça l’esprit Chanel. Et Coco l’illustre si bien…

  6. I’d really like to see this shoes on your feet ! There are gorgeous. See you soon.

  7. The images in your header are one of my favorite editorials – I love dominant usage of black & gold. So sophisticated! I’m usually not a huge fan of Carmen, but in this she really does look beautiful!

    La C.

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