Anna S. for YSL

Anna Selezneva, aka Anna S., protégée of Emmanuelle Alt, aka “Cat Face” has been one of the it-models, fresh faces of the past year. Her Balmain shows and editorials for VOGUE Paris are already iconic. 

This season, she got the campaigns – good sign, she might last and I hope so – face of Calvin Klein, Vera Wang and YSL’s new fragrance Elle Shocking

So here was my post dedicated to Cat, Anna S. It is a little bit like a post dedicated to Marc. There is a lot of love, but not necessarily a lot of words to describe it.

Illustration: Alize Morand, inspired from YSL Elle Shocking advert. Picture: Anna Selezneva wearing Gucci for Vogue Paris September 2008 “Reality Show”.

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4 Responses to “Anna S. for YSL”

  1. I remember “Cat Face”! (: Oh my, her face is stunning! It’s so young, without looking too dollish or girlish. There is a tough darkness somewhere in those luscious eyes. And I love that sort of pout she has on in that photo you have of her.

    She is so beautiful! Too, too beautiful!


  2. Such a beautiful girl… and the illustration you made is fantastic. You really have talent there.

    By the way, I’ve added you to my bloglist as well 🙂

  3. Hui: Yes, I agree, she’s got something really strong in her eyes for a 19-year-old girl. And a lot of charisma, aura facing the camera. Russian beauty. x
    Hauteworld: Thanks a lot! I’m really flattered! x

  4. True Russian beauty indeed. I can’t wait to read more of your model posts! I like your insights about the work they’ve done and really, you just introduce the best models to us. (: I’ll try to get a shot of my bag soon! It really is a beauty! And thank you for the compliment about the hair. I’d love to colour it again, but with my current super-short do, it’s a little difficult. 😡

    Post again soon! ♥

    Oh and btw, Ashley Isham was featured on telly last night. They showcased 22 dresses from his Spring 2009 show. I nearly died! Some of those dresses were dreamy, dancey and just so damn beautiful. I thought of you immediately, and your love for all things romantic! (:

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