Vuitton sans contrefaçon

The epitome of Parisian-chic. My new-dream wardrobe. Best skirts, hair, accessories, mix of pinks of blacks. I am more in love with Vuitton than ever.

Few are unaware of my love for God Marc Jacobs, expressed here, and as a direct consequence, for a brand that has never left me indifferent, although my perception of it has altered and evolved throughout the years, and that I regard today as the ultimate French luxury brand: Louis Vuitton. I must also admit that, as a handbag-lover, I have not-so-secretly coveted for many years now the least-it-bag, least-monogrammed of the range: the Speedy 30 in black épi leather

A few weeks ago, one of the most beautiful collections of the Autumn-Winter 2009 season took place in a transparent tent in the Louvre courtyard, reminiscent of Pei‘s glass Pyramide du Louvre

A collection made of classic quality pieces: black grosgrain, lace and ruffled dresses, a perfectly cut blazer, the finest woollen coats and essential leather bags, associated with more quirky it-pieces such as thigh-high leather boots, platform heels with ribbons, puffy shoulders, bubble skirts and chunky necklaces.

A very feminine – almost girly, non! mademoiselle collection – dominated by shades of coral, salmon, pink, black, emerald and versailles. And THE monogram detail that I surprisingly found myself in awe with: the half-black, half-monogram tights: but caution! I suspect the legging-effect only suits Uliana Tikhova.

Definitely one of my Paris coup-de-coeur. 

And although Louis Vuitton does not exactly produce leather-free bags – it would be an oxymoron, wouldn’t it? – the brand has got strong ethical values like Stella McCartney – my new criteria to select designers? definitely a convincing argument at least! Just have a look at their environmental and CSR practices here (I should know, I did my dissertation on this aspect!), and you will not be guilty anymore about spending £620 for your Speedy.

A luxury? Definitely. But especially during a crisis, talk about sound and timeless investment! (I want it!)

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7 Responses to “Vuitton sans contrefaçon”

  1. J’aimerais tellement pouvoir lire ce blog en français… car je suis sûre que les textes y sont de qualité. @ +++

  2. La cravate noire c’est Pierre-Jean ! Bises. @ +++

    Ps : tu me tiens au courant pour Hyères.

  3. Another brilliant piece, Alize. I absolutely loved this collection as well – my favorite LV one ever! =]

    And the editorial is from March 09 of US Harper’s Bazaar! =]

    La C.

  4. I didn’t know the line had ethical standards/policies, that is very heart-warming to hear. Also, investments make sense at the moment (to me) if you have the money. I don’t know why everyone seems convinced that since the economy sucks we also have to stop living…for most of us it will be about prioritizing and cutting back on certain things.

  5. Retour au (vrai) chic chez Louis Vuitton, même constatation chez le pap homme fall-winter. @ +++

  6. PJ: Yes I agree, come-back to “real’ chic! As exciting and original I thought was the safari collection for spring-summer, there’s nothing as chic as black, and this retro Parisian spirit!
    Sorry I don’t translate my texts, but it’s good practice to learn English! 😉 x
    La C.: Oh thanks for the editorial, such great pics I had to know! 😉 Yep, this collection was definitely one of the best!
    The Clothes Horse: I couldn’t agree more with you. The Speedy really IS a life investment I think…which I WILL invest in! (not sure when yet though!) And I like the fact that LV doesn’t publicise their environmental practices so much, they just do it.

  7. I will try for you, je promets, rires. @ +++

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