As I mentioned in the previous article, I recently discovered a new London gallery in my wandering in the heart of Mayfair. As unplanned as it was, I enjoyed the Sean Scully exhibition, reviewed here, which is why I came back for the opening of the current Ventriloquist exhibition.

As my flatmate and I were greeted with beer, I understood that it was not the typical West End gallery – usually Champagne! – or maybe recession? Anyway the cool crowd – part indie-arty students, part art dealers – and the spirit of the place made me like it even more. 

The idea of the exhibition was to mix famous art works from some of the greatest 20th century artists with works from emerging talents. This means that I could admire Marcel Duchamp‘s über-famous L.H.O.O.Q. (Mona Lisa reinterpreted with the anagram which read quickly in French translates in ‘she has a hot ass’ – Duchamp is a cheeky man), or pieces from Jasper Johns (above left) or Picabia.

Famous and new pieces were mixed, contemporary art imbued with surrealism, metaphors and alter-egos – such as a strange but mesmerising half-fox – stuffed? Lesser-known contemporary artists such as Monika Baer, Suse Bauer, Tjorg Douglas Beer,  and Lucy Coggle exhibited fantastic collages, installations, paintings and even message-mirrors like Daniel Baker (above right).

Sometimes, pieces of art can seem quite opaque to us public, readers, amateurs, sometimes artists too. But sometimes, artists try to convey a message through another channel, though another voice, through a byroad, just like ventriloquists.

Ventriloquist Exhibition, until 28 March – run there before the end of the week! Timothy Taylor Gallery, 15 Carlos Place, London,W1K 2EX

Art credits: Daniel Baker, Anagram Looking Glass (2007) and Jasper Johns, Entitled (Ventriloquist) (1984)

7 Responses to “Ventriloquist”

  1. Chère vous, j’avais promis une surprise qui devait arriver sur soblacktie et bien elle est là. C’est pour patienter jusqu’au festival international des arts de la mode de Hyères. @ +++

  2. I love your conclusion and it actually match perfectly with this heterogeneous exhibition!

  3. I loved your conclusion as well =] So well written!

    La C.

  4. I seem to agree with everyone: the comparison between artists and ventriloquist is so interesting!

  5. Darling Alize.

    Your comments are always sooo sweet; they always make my day!!

    La C.

  6. PJ: Très sympa!
    Christophe: Thanks! 🙂
    La C. : *blush* thank you!! bisous!
    G: I know, I found the title of the exhibition troubling. Very relevant and eloquent (the least we could say!) 😉 x

  7. this is very insightful! and it sounds like a really cool exhibition.

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