Longchamp antinomy


Sasha Pivovarova joins Kate Moss for the new Spring/Summer 09 Longchamp campaign, shot by Mert & Marcus, to push the ready-to-wear line, as well as the luxurious bags, check here for the making-of the campaign.

You have most probably already seen this advertising campaign in your favourite glossies for the past couple of months, but I had to share them to express my views about not only this campaign, but the brand in general and the way its image has been managed over the seasons.

From what I can remember, I have always liked the Longchamp ads, especially the last few seasons. With Kate Moss as a muse, once lascivious in a deep purple corset, once Parisian chic in Café de Flore with Gaspard Ulliel, once modern luxury in Manhattan, and now retro-croisiere as seen here.

However, as much as I liked all these campaigns, I have never been able to relate them to the actual brand: for me Longchamp will always be this hideous canvas bag that all 16-year old French filles à papa carry to go to their lycée bourgeois.

I think the issue is therefore to do with the products and the image of this bag that sticks in my head, leading to preconceptions about the whole collections – do they do any other nice bag?

But looking at the supple brown leather bag on the picture above makes me want it very bad. Same for the python line, the black line, and even…the black heels.

Maybe it is the ready-to-wear development that encouraged Longchamp to project more of a lifestyle spirit. Nevermind, my brain is now starting to finally associate the brand with luxury covetable products: well done for them!

PS: Paris Fashion Week reviews to come soon. Just too hard to choose amongst the beauty. Clues: Stella, Christian and Louis.

8 Responses to “Longchamp antinomy”

  1. I have to say that I have the same image in mind when thinking of Longchamp’s bags (small brained fille à papa & co.) …however I also fell in love with the black and white parisian campaign, thus I think we can say that once more you perfectly illustrated the spirit of the brand… People, I tell you she IS always right!

    Can’t wait!!!!

  2. Lovely blog, really like the design and the style commentary. I hope you will consider writing for MONOmoda some time in the future is you are London based! 🙂

  3. Lovely blog and interesting point of view !
    I’ll have to come back often !

  4. Hi,
    Shini Park referred me to you. My name is Laura and I was talking about colleges in London with her. I recently was accepted at University of the Arts in the College of Communication, and she told me that you go there, so I was wondering if you could tell me how you like it.
    My email is laura.childs@hotmail.com.

    Thank you,
    Laura Marianne

  5. Personaly, I really like the ad in the Parisian Café de Flore with Gaspard Ulliel, mostly I guess because it was in black & white, so a little bit more retro, as I always like 🙂
    See you soon !!

  6. G: Thank you so much Sweetie!! Loved the Parisian campaign too! xx
    Monomoda: really like monomoda, so I’d love to contribute indeed! And yes, I am based in London. Talk soon!
    Little Style Box: Thank you, please do come back soon! 🙂
    Laura Marianne: I will email you about it indeed Miss!
    Elodie: Yes the retro feel in this campaign was quite fabulous indeed. I really like the effortless Parisian Chic Kate Moss in it. And Gaspard of course! Funny that you & G loved it in particular! x

  7. Bah oui, je suis d’accord avec toi : on voit ces pubs magnifiques dans les magazines, et puis hop, on sort dans la rue et on est envahies par ces sacs épouvantables ;___;.
    Je pense que j’ai plus de mal à m’en remettre que toi : on me dit “sac Longchamp”, j’ai toujours autant envie de me jeter par la fenêtre, malgré Kate Moss et Gaspard Ulliel (c’est dire le traumatisme u____u’).

    xoxo ;D

  8. Chloegirl: haha everyone loved Gaspard! I know this one bag kind of ruined the image of the brand! But…it sells I guess! 😉 x

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