Blumarine’s schizophrenia

How can a designer create the most beautiful, pretty, sexy, delicate and chic dresses of the season, and on the other side the most tacky outfits, all in the same collection? 

That is what Anna Molinari seems to have achieved with Blumarine’s Fall/Winter 09  collection. You must have noticed that I tend to be quite partial with fashion: it is a love or hate, black or white, Marmite-like relationship. 

This collection represents all I love about Italian fashion: the elegance, not effortless admittedly, but embraced. Yet, the border between sexy and tacky is so easily crossed. And even with humour, the total look bright-pink-turquoise-leopard-mini is, erm, too much.

I told you my coup de coeur for Marni, but Milan Fashion Week has more to be talked about. Blumarine is a special case study this season, and as I can see all my dream dresses on the left, I cannot understand why anyone would want to wear any of the outfits on the right side.

French Riviera meets Pop art meets Balmain just doesn’t look right to me.

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7 Responses to “Blumarine’s schizophrenia”

  1. I’m with you on this one – the left side is light years better than the neon leopard business happening on the right!

    And that wrap/drape faux-strapless number with the mesh sleeves… pure heaven.

  2. It could’ve been the ‘appeal to masses with 80’s 90’s trend’ thing, and ‘play with colour and patterns’ except it came out all wrong. I can’t imagine wearing ANY of the things on the right. Left is rather fab though.

  3. Lauriebot: Oh, I know it’s my favourite too actually! Navy+sheer+strapless+bubble+sparkle=LOVE.

    Shini: I tried not to take it literally and see the humour side too, but it is just not right! x

  4. It certainly is very eye-catching, the pieces on the right. But I do feel that perhaps if stripped of, the items separately could make great accessories and truly make an outfit pop. For instance, I could certainly see myself in that t-shirt at the bottom right, the one Isabeli Fontana is wearing. It’s fun, a little rock, a little girly and just, pop! (: But your summary of the collection as “French Riviera meets Pop art meets Balmain”, is pretty spot-on. Not to mention a really humorous way of putting it. It certainly is pure madness on the right. But if broken up in parts, I believe it can be workable. (:

    This was a fun post with food for thought!


  5. Hui: I guess you’re right actually! It’s just not my style, even as individual pieces! And also compared to the marvels of beauty on the left, it makes even more of a striking contrast to me! But I really appreciate your opinion, it’s interesting to hear what others think! x

  6. I have to agree with you with the selection of tacky looks. So eighties but only on the wrong side 🙂

  7. interesting. I went to the blumarine fashion event in Taiwan which showcased a different collection. I like your insights.

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