Milan Love: Marni


You see, this is not what I expected to write on here anytime soon. 

But thanks to the geniuses who rule Milan fashion, my stereotypes have been seriously challenged. I do admit saying I thought Italian fashion sometimes tacky, and although I am somewhat related to Italy from a great-grand father, I have always had this prejudice towards Italian houses – and Vogue Italia doesn’t help sometimes! 

But Géraldine showed me Italian women are among the most elegant, and designers in Milan made me wow this season.

It was therefore a tough choice to pick my Milanese coup de coeur: I was impressed by Prada‘s austere craft, Alessandro Dell’Acqua‘s embellished dresses were a feast for the eyes, and Raf Simons at Jil Sander showed he is a true artist by mixing couture and sculpture.

But Marni made me believe in a story. Consuelo Castiglioni created outfits – not pieces but whole looks for Marni’s styling uttered perfection – that were rooted in reality, yet had a strong narrative.

The guiding lights were rich textures of navy blue, dark fur and the most fantastic accessories: from fur gloves to Sixties’ sunglasses, from it-leather-bags to patterned tights paired with platform sandals.

This collection would make me enjoy a winter season in London, and most of all, this collection literally makes me hope I have a job by next winter!

Backstage and detail pictures: More pictures to come next post.

3 Responses to “Milan Love: Marni”

  1. Great image !( sadly I don’t understand quiete good the post beacause Iam french !

  2. Lucille: Thank you Sweetie! You know I am French too, maybe I should actually translate! 😉 Did you see the Marni collage too? Here: Oh and welcome on my blog! x

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