Marc Jacobs FW09

Fashion week really feels like Christmas to me, although we are actually working more, and it looks like Summer might finally be back in London! So as we welcomed this first (sunny) day of London Fashion Week, it is also time to reflect on a week of fashion in New York City.

I thought I might actually report about my coup de coeur after each Fashion Week this season. And very surprisingly, for FW09 in NY, I fell head over (my 4″) heels for…Marc Jacobs. You cannot say I didn’t warn you.

I was born in the 80’s but fashionwise, I have never been a huge fan of this era and I have been tricking myself for months, pretending not to see the revival, and hoping that, as all crises, it would be over soon. 

But Marc is provocative. I would never wear all the bright colors-fluoro-crazy prints items that were in in this collection, but it was very entertaining to look at on the runway, and that’s what a show is about , isn’t it? Some might argue that this is the purpose of couture and that there is no point in a ready-to-wear collection that is not made to be worn. Good point.

However, in between a few crazy items here to brighten the mood and add a hint of provocation, Marc made sure to showcase his unbelievable mastery in shapes, fabrics and design. Beautiful cocktail dresses, neutral palette of understated and classic garments – and here is the King of the art of layering! – and accessories to die for.

The styling was fantastic, and the looks ready-to-wear as such – strong shapes and structures, and belts! I think the main idea here was to use the individuality of the 80’s as a theme: no model looked the same with crazy customised make-up and hairstyles. I didn’t see models, but individuals who exude bold personalities and confidence.

Ultimately, it is about a spirit more than clothes, it is about what it evokes to each person. As Marc perfectly summed it up last season:I’m not interested in my opinion, I’m interested in what you think, what you felt, what you saw, and yes I have my references, but who cares? It’s like: what did you think of it?’

Photos: Collage: Alize Morand.

13 Responses to “Marc Jacobs FW09”

  1. MARC! *fangirl*
    Les 80s’, nous n’en sortirons donc jamais *dit la fille qui porte en ce moment un jean slim*.
    J’ai ENFIN vu le documentaire sur lui (c’est d’ailleurs la première chose que j’aie faite de l’année ;P), il est super.
    Et j’ai aussi enfin en ma possession le fameux petit miroir cœur rouge à 5€ et ça rend la petite groupie enfouie au fond de moi (tu parles) folle de joie ^^.
    A part ça, comment va-tu ?
    Daria xoxo

  2. Mmmm Marc Jacobs mériterait de lire cet article ^^
    Le montage photo est tout simplement superbe !!
    Continue comme ça, il est super ton site 🙂

  3. Chloégirl: Tell me about the 80’s! Oh my God, you’d need to go to the lovely MJ shop in Mayfair, it’s so cool, you’d love it, there’s a huge swan and they sell cool books! Quinnie x
    Elodie: Oh thanks sweets! I wish Marc read that hehe! 😉 x

  4. I have to admit, I don’t know anything about fashion but when I listen this guy talking … I was just amazed.

  5. I always adore the way you present your posts, from your pictures, to your actual writing. =]

    La C.

  6. Christophe Riccio: Yes, Marc is very charismatic when he talks, he has passion, and you can feel it straight away, and it’s all that matters! I wish I could talk to him for real!
    La C: Thank you so much! 🙂 this is such a nice compliment! Love your posts too you know that! x

  7. I have to say, my favourite thing about Marc Jacobs, is that he wears skirts. And he looks so bloody amazing in them. I truly believe skirts are for everyone. Bring back the Jean Paul Gaultier skirt! I think men in skirts like how JPG and MJ did it, give them this, je ne sais quoi which I cannot help but envy and admire.

    I just realised the terrible irrelevance of my comment to your articulate thoughts on MJ and his collections. I can’t help it I guess, seeing the man in a skirt just fires off this topic and I neglect all coherence.

  8. Hui: Oh My! Have you read through my mind?? I am obsessed with skirts & with Marc, so it’s just the perfect combination for me: he can pull it off and looks so very elegant in them!

    Your comment is therefore of the most relevance to this article, plus it was my choice to put this pic in the collage really! x x

  9. Not 100% sure on the collection still but I do kind of love it 😀

  10. i love marc too !! ur article was great hazexx

  11. Hey my dear!

    Sorry for being so silent these days, I just finished one of my portfolio for next year (only one, sic) and I feel like I have more time now (it’s just a feeling) to make a proper comment about your “new” blog. I really love your writting style, intelligent, glamour and so addictive! Obviously, we were all waiting for THE MARC REVIEW, and I have to say that I am not disappointed. However, I want mooooooore! Do you think you’re going to write about my Master, (also known as GOD), I mean John Galliano?
    Anyway, I look forward for the next article (I just devoured it all already).

    Love you baby!

  12. Just JR: I actually felt exactly the same! There’s something addictive about this excess!

    Hazel: Thank you so much Sweetie!

    G: This has to be one of the nicest comment ever. Thank you, really. You know how your opinion matters to me, so i am really flattered! As for Marc, as a true fan, I had to honour him! 😉 I was actually planning something about ‘God’… watch out! 😉 x

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