Balmain Girls

By Alize Morand

8 February, 2009

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Category: Fashion


I just thought I would share with you this exquisite picture of the girls at Balmain Spring-Summer 09 – well I told you I had a crush on this collection, here and there. I cannot wait to see what Christophe is thinking for women next Fall…just a few weeks and the suspense is over!

Anyway, I found this beautiful picture of Anna, Snejana and Natasha in the March issue of Vogue Paris, used for an anti-age cream feature!

3 Responses to “Balmain Girls”

  1. It is an exquisite photo indeed!

    I love Snejana and Natasha. They are my runway favourites and have faces that are too gorgeous! ♥

  2. Agreed! Anna S. is really one of my favourite new faces too I must say. She looks like a wild cat here, love it! ♥

  3. Oh my, yes! Now that you’ve mentined it, I can totally see the resemblance! She does look like a fierce feline here. It’s those wide eyes and to be honest, even her nose bridge looks fierce. Haha. 🙂

    I like model posts. But i also love all your posts! I look forward to reading more! ♥

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