Dear Sart,

I am pretty sure most of you know the fantastic work of photographer Scott Schuman – aka The Sartorialist. And if not, you have probably seen his street-photographs of fashionistas from all over the world on other blogs.

I love Sart. I feel like his pictures are part of my life, I feel like I have a special relationship with them. I am aware that thousands of people see them everyday and that, although I comment very regularly on Sart’s blog, he has no idea who I am.

Nevermind Sart’s fame, if something is great, I think it is worth talking about it. I will not stop liking something just because it is trendy or over-talked about: I still adore Kate Moss and Balmain.

I thus wanted to share my fondness for Sart’s pictures with you, just as I praised his work to his agency Jed Root when I met them at Le Book-Connections in London. They told me Sart’s blog is a wonderful platform to promote his work, as we often see so little of a photographer’s work, and generously gave me beautiful prints of his pictures. 

Sart picks the most stylish and elegant individuals from New York to Milan, from a classic Armani suit to a colorful H&M layering: without a hint of elitism, he seeks style and immortalises it.

But what I think strikes me most about his pictures is that, beyond the photography skills, beautiful light, angle and chosen subject, his photographs tell a story. They are real, alive, and even on glossy paper – Sart contributes to print editorials such as GQ too.

I think photographers can be makers of beauty: they are discoverers and their eyes catch the beauty in our busy daily lives. I think Sart is definitely one of them. I also reckon his photographs catch the essence of our era and will be remembered and studied by the next generation as a testimony of our times.

I selected the photographs above, from last month, because they evoke the spirit of a film to me. The first one is a young woman in the Marais quarter in Paris, while the second was taken in Moscow.

Sart is now so successful he regularly exhibits his work, will have a book published soon and holds a conference in Roma this week with Garance. You can see all his work here.

11 Responses to “Dear Sart,”

  1. Oh what a great tribute to Sart!

    I love his work. I am not a regular reader on his blog but il love his work. And i think he deserve the post.

  2. Pretty certain that the girl above is walking down my old street! X

  3. Et dire que je l’ai pris en photo et que je lui ai serré la main…. un grand moment.
    @ +++

  4. willykean: Oh thanks! Yes his work is fantastic, it’s only normal to write about it!
    PR-adisa: Yep, I was actually thinking of it, Mister Marais! 😉 xx
    PJ: Lucky you! I can imagine you won’t forget it so soon! 🙂

  5. I love what you wrote, and yes they do tell a story, they’re just inspiring to look at!

  6. JUSTJR: Thank you, and yes, you’re right, pure inspiration, that’s what it is..

  7. Tu peux trouver son portrait chez moi dans l’allbum fiamh 2008 sur la droite de mon blog. @ +++

    Ps : oui je ne l’oublierais pas.

  8. je viens de fermer la page du sartorialist avec la photo du marais et puis je clic sur ton blog et pouf la même photo, je croyais m’être trompée de site!
    très jolie et très vrai ce que tu as écris, ses photos sont vivantes et c’est ce qui fait leur charme!

  9. PJ: Oh yes I can imagine! I didn’t see the picture you mention though.. 😦
    Fannie: Welcome: Thank you! Yes I had to put that pic, I just loved it, I hope people don’t get bored of it! Although I doubt so.. 😉

  10. Effectivement je pensais que je l’avais mise ! Dsl ! Alors voilà le lien avec en prime un portrait de Garance Doré et Géraldine Dormoy. @ +++

  11. Hi 🙂
    I love his photos! They are so inspiring…

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