Valentino Spring-Summer 09

Cream-coloured silk chiffon and satin, embellishments and gold jewellery: a romantic and airy collection for a new Valentino woman.

For the first time, I fell in love with Valentino, really. This Spring-Summer, I want to wear nothing but cream or navy short dresses that flow and feel soft on the skin, gold sandals and nature-inspired jewellery. Maybe also a few embellished and sequined mini-dresses and flats, reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties.

Spring is my favourite season, and the good news is you don’t even need to be tanned yet to wear cream colours because they look good on everyone anyway! And as Trend-Forecaster-Extraordinaire JRĀ Ā announced: Versailles is the colour of the season!

So pull your hair in a sophisticated bun, Ladies, a little of smokey eye, and one of these delicate pleated dresses, and head to your Sunday Brunch or Afternoon Tea – but don’t forget a cardigan, or the beautiful jacket above, for Spring is unpredictable.

But Alessandra Facchinetti has not forgotten Valentino’s famous evening gowns: ravishing Venetian drapes in nude colours, soft lilac and sheer blue. To be worn with jewelled encrusted and embellished clutches and gloves.

I thought Alessandra showed her talent and impeccable savoir-faire with this feminine collection: she managed to keep Valentino’s iconic spirit of style and elegance, while bringing a touch of individuality with the ‘too-much’ jewellery’, restricted palette of shades and gloves Ć -la-Karl.

But apparently, the people behind the house management and HR did not think so, and after only two seasons for Valentino, Alessandra has been asked to leave. How can brands have anymore consistency when their designers change every year? It’s difficult enough to follow the steps of the fashion Masters (Coco, Christian or Mr Valentino himself) so at least let the younger talents show what they can do and give a modern edge to the classics!

Pictures: Collage: Alize Morand

8 Responses to “Valentino Spring-Summer 09”

  1. Merci! Thank you for the mention and versailles is a super colour, I hope to find some menswear in that colour!

  2. amazing; the colors & collection is beautiful!! and thank you for leaving the sweetest comment!!! it really means so much to me & it really has made my day. thank you, alize dear!!

    La C.

  3. I love how sophisticated this muted palette looks…champange tones, a smoky eye, and a little glitz seems to go a long way.

  4. JUSTJR: Oh I love Versailles too, thanks for the inspiration!!! šŸ™‚

    La C.: Sweetie, don’t thank me, I meant it! I love this collection really! I’m glad you do too!

    The Clothes Horse: You’re so right.. Champagne tones, that’s it! It is really effortless sophistication just as I adore it too! Less is more!

  5. Hi šŸ™‚
    This is a fabulous collection. I’m not a huje fan of Valentino, but I admit this collections is really something…

  6. Sue: Completely agree with you! šŸ™‚ x

  7. Oh mah god! I love it! I love fashion! It’s so Fabulous!

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