Valentino Dream by Lachlan Bailey

By Alize Morand

22 January, 2009

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When it comes to fashion magazines, it is quite simple for me: there is the iconic VOGUE top 3: Vogue Paris, Vogue UK & Vogue Italia.

There are also newcomers – as much in my top as chronologically – Vogue Nippon and Vogue Russia (although concerning the latter, the choice of posh-goes-police-chic Victoria Beckham on front cover of this month’s issue is inevitably debatable).

Not that I think Vogue is necessarily the best magazine – there is a fair amount of fabulous and creative fashion publications, but that is another topic – but it is indeniably the most iconic, and amongst the Vogue family, my personal favourites are the ones quoted above.

You might wonder why I am not mentioning Devil-wears-Prada inspiration Vogue US. Well, to be honest, I am very often disappointed by the lack of creativity of the US version, and I usually find the covers quite conventional, if not boring. 

Anyway, I was not disappointed at all with the February issue of Vogue UK (Cheryl Cole on cover – what is it with British WAGS?). In the gorgeous editorial photographed by Lachlan Bailey, depicting the best of Spring-Summer 09, I picked this picture of Karlie Kloss in Valentino.

It was the opportunity to introduce Valentino’s beautiful collection – beautiful really – and romantic, and light as a feather, and reminiscent of the Twenties and… well, I will keep some for next time!

Pictures: ‘New Frontier’ by Lachlan Bailey, Vogue UK, February 2009. Valentino Spring-Summer 09, from

5 Responses to “Valentino Dream by Lachlan Bailey”

  1. Merci! I added your link to the post 😉

  2. Foreign Vogues are definitely better than US. I have a weakness for Vogue Nippon, I’m a bit of a Japanese obsessive…

  3. i love your layout (: its very different from other fashion blogs out there!
    i agree with your thoughts about vogue. but it think, amongst the asian vogues, that vogue china deserves a lot of recognition. not only for using asian models (which vogue nippon and korea fail to do) but also for their creativity.

    love the shoes!

  4. I am a magazine addict. I Love Vogue. The only Vogue i read is The french Vogue but i must say i prefer OFFICIEL.

  5. Just JR: Thanks soo much! 🙂
    The Clothes Horse: Yes, you are right, Vogue Nippon is quite good too! I don’t know it as well as the others yet though! I should try to get it more often!
    letslivefast: Thanks for this sweet comment! Vogue China.. I haven’t been that amazed by the issues I read yet but your comment is very interesting and I didn’t consider that perspective.
    WillyKean: Yes I like L’Officiel and Numero too but I find L’Officiel’s articles a littl shallow sometimes!

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