Luella Spring-Summer 09

By Alize Morand

19 December, 2008

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Credits: photos, collage Alize Morand

Luella Bartley offers the most exquisite wardrobe for a delightful British tea party!

Marie-Antoinette meets the Queen meets Shoreditch. It seems like Luella has had one ultimate goal for us ladies next Spring: get girly and gorgeous!

Play some Cindy Lauper and have cupcakes, because we will dress in their dusty and pastel pink, peppermint and lavender. Add a hint of Luella SS 08 liberty and ruffles – more ruffles even this time – in a feast of pearls, ribbons and lace. 

Patchworked one-shouldered dresses in bold raspberry, orange and purple introduced the show in a very colourful way. Soon to be followed by quieter tones of grey. That was the smart move to balance the collection and make it lush yet wearable by people like me – or grey-lovers. 

Like last season, Luella introduced a touch of irreverence, almost punk, in her collection – it was hot geek in 2008, it will be decadent lady in 2009. 

A collection praised by the critics but not so much by the public at the show or the buyers, while customers keep splurging on bags and hairclips with the trademark giant bow. Luella yet showed her strong sense of individuality and quirkiness more than ever this season. 

Watch out: high street, London parties and music videos will be inspired. And we will want to be early adopters, in fact in this festive season, wouldn’t one of these gorgeous dresses be the perfect thing to have fun and eat pudding in?

4 Responses to “Luella Spring-Summer 09”

  1. I am so glad you featured this collection because I loved it so much! Girly and gorgeous is exactly how I feel about it as well! The colour palette reminds me of light, tea-time macarons or multi-coloured balloons at a party.

    I echo the sentiments in this post exactly! 🙂 And I would die to own even one piece from this collection!

  2. Aww you’re so right Hui: macaroons and balloons, that’s it!

    I would die for one of the dresses above as well – tough selection from the whole gorgeous collection by the way! xx

  3. […] blazer and geeky oversized glasses. Final touch: impossible heels. The indisputable similarity with Luella makes it even more relevant in […]

  4. Luella totally rocks! Great Blog you have! Keep up the good work!

    Check my blog!

    Have a nice day!

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