Hedi Slimane in Dazed & Confused

J’adore Hedi. And how could I not?

He is, I believe, a master of understated elegance, a pioneer and acute observer of British rock indie style and an endless source of inspiration and genuine creativity of our times.

As if redefining masculine elegance and men’s silhouettes all over the world when he was Dior Homme’s designer was not enough, he is now spoiling us with his poetic yet realistic black and white series of pictures.

His online ‘Diary’ is a rich catalogue of the wonderful pictures that he is generously sharing with his army of fans. Young kids in the riots, gigs, sweat, tartan, flags, clouds, and Kate Moss are favourite photography subjects of his.

The January issue of Dazed & Confused is featuring an exceptional portfolio of Hedi’s fantastic work, focusing on stylish young Londoners entitled London’s Teenage Portfolio, with fashionable teenagers spotted anywhere to model for the photoshoots:

There were kids that we approached when they were having a coffee on Brick Lane. We found people at gigs, in clubs, everywhere…’

Out next Thursday, do not miss out on the collectible issue of the fashion-forward and arty magazine.

J’adore Hedi.

Photo credits: Hedi Slimane’s Fashion Diary

3 Responses to “Hedi Slimane in Dazed & Confused”

  1. Thank you for pointing this editorial out to me!
    It was stunning ♥

  2. I KNOW! This editorial is amazing. Absolutely f-ing amazing. 😀

  3. Hui: oh you’re welcome Sweetie! I just HAD to share the beauty! x
    Cassiopeia: I couldn’t agree more! 😉 x

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