RE: Roksanda Ilincic at the V&A

Photos by Degsy. More photos here.

As I entered the large mosaic-paved room, impressed by the church-like high ceiling and the massive Raphael paintings from the 16th century that surrounded me, I knew I was about to witness a very special fashion show.

Once seated, I noticed amongst the fashionable crowd two of the major trends of the season around me: very high ankle boots and fur chapkas – it was a very cold day.

Last Friday, the Victoria & Albert Museum was hosting one of the most talented young designer’s show: Roksanda Ilincic. Originally from Serbia, the Central Saint Martins graduate had been known at London Fashion Week for her performance shows and glamourous draped dresses.

As the lights suddenly faded out, and a chord of classical music strained in the silence of the room, three male ballet dancers from the English National Ballet gracefully appeared on the runway, soon followed by young ballerinas in flowing jewel-coloured silk dresses.

The whole show was an alternation of dancers and models all wearing Roksanda’s gorgeous creations of Fall/Winter 08 and Spring/Summer 09, creating a contrast between the tiny dancers in ballet flats and the tall models high on red-sole vertiginous Louboutin heels. 

The highlights of the show were fairy-like romantic dresses in sheer dusty pink, feathers and flowers and a highly covetable first outfit: a fur mini dress-coat belted by a large fuschia silk bow and worn with opaque black tights and cobalt blue ankle boots.

While the whole show was surreal and gorgeous, the end was really magical: a ballerina sporting a wedding-like bubble tulle, silk and ruffled dress light as a feather slowly walked down the runway to finally bend down on the catwalk in a very moving performance. 

Roksanda’s appearance was then welcome with deserved applause, as all the dancers and models joined together on the runway for a colourful and joyful final.

Raphael around us approved of that modern day masterpiece: a perfect way to show that fashion is art.

7 Responses to “RE: Roksanda Ilincic at the V&A”

  1. Hi Alize, you have such a pretty blog! I’ve just added you :). Is there anywhere playing a video of this runway show? It sounds so gorgeous, I want to see it too!

    Btw, I noticed you’re from France. Hui, the other girl of Fashion is Tension, speaks french fairly fluently ;). I only know a little. C’est triste. Well, thanks for popping by!

  2. from your description, it sounds beautiful. luck you!! 🙂

    La C.

  3. Hello Alize! I’m Hui, the other girl from Fashion is Tension. Thank you so much for your sweet comment and linking us. We have most certainly linked you – and how can we not. You have just combined 2 of my favourite things, fashion and dance together in this post above. That picture of the 2 girls draped in pink and standing with their right foot en l’airtook my own air out of me. Breathtaking!

    Such wonderful experiences you chronicle here. I look forward to reading this blog regularly!

    And Rachel lies about my French..please don’t listen to her! Haha. 🙂


  4. kikou fouinette!
    trop chou le nœud rose sur le manteau fourrure!Sache que je suis en voie de cultivisation avec tes articles!!^^
    pleins de bisous ma chérie

  5. Rachel: Thanks for the linking, I think your blog is fantastic too. I haven’t found a video of the show yet.. but there are lots of pictures on the web, although for the dance part, it’s obviously very different.. keep looking though!

    La C: Thanks a lot, I know I was so lucky to be there, it was really wonderful. xxx

    Hui: Aww thank you so much for this sweet comment. I’m sure your French is freat, esp since it’s such a difficult language to learn really, congratulations! I’m hoping you enjoy my future posts as much! Love your blog too!

    Nad: Thanks babe! You’re so sweet to actually READ my articles, but it’s good practice, isn’t it?! Love. xxx

  6. Hi Alize
    Nice Blog you have here. I agree that the Fashion In Motion Show at the V & A featuring designer Roksanda Ilincic was great. I particularly like the photos you have chosen to illustrate the event. The photographer is clearly very talented! 🙂

  7. […] On Friday night, the V&A held a show from genius British designer Giles Deacon as part of their Fashion in Motion programme – the previous one was Roksanda Ilincic: review here and here. […]

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