Escape Reality

This season I haven’t read a single fashion review that did not mentioned THE economical and financial crisis. So I would like to start one. Or several.

Because even if I do think that designers should live with their time and be involved in society sometimes – Marc Jacobs or Vivienne Westwood being the perfect rolemodels: from grunge to punk, from political views to support of charities and minorities – I also think that the role of fashion, and particularly couture, as an art (such as music, or literature), is to make us dream, to bring us far away in another world, to make us forget reality in difficult times. 

So if I want to see some boring simple black jackets, I can go to Zara, and they will have exactly what I need, considering my budget, the weather and the mood in general. 

But if I watch a catwalk, if I get myself into a label’s unique world through beautiful imagery, a film, advert or even shop, if I am ready to spend my pounds for a luxury product, I want it to be real luxury, I want it to be exactly as I dreamt it for years or because it made me dream through amazing branding creativity. 

So my favourite shows this seasons are those who are not ‘affected by recession and crisis’, those who are true to the label they are supposed to represent, those who perpetuate a tradition, dream and artistic creativity. Not those who suddenly get too scared by a so-called crisis to dare creating original and sophisticated garments. 

I am not even aiming any particular label. I just find it absurd to say ‘X did not offer a relevant collection considering the economic situation’.

Hey, just a second, how relevant is art supposed to be? How boring a statement! Fashion is usually not even relevant to the actual weather, which it is primarily supposed to protect us from. So the economy? Businesswomen will wear business suits and Camden will wear gothic black platforms anyway. And you hurt as much wearing a suit as you do wearing a beautiful dress when you’re made redundant.

Don’t get me wrong, my favourite colours are navy, black, grey and white. I’m not talking about tacky Italian porno-chic, I am just talking about elegance, glamour and feminity. About Balmain, Dior, Lanvin, Alexander Wang or Charles Anastase for instance.

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  1. this is my favourite blog! LOVES IT! TRE BIEN!! ❤ xxxxxxx

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